‘You Will Never Regret Voting For Me’ – Hon. Jacob Kudu Appreciates Constituents

Winner of the just concluded State constituency elections in Nassarawa Eggon East Constituency, Hon. Jacob Ajegena Kudu has assured the people of his constituency that he will do everything within his power to ensure that they do not regret voting for him on Saturday March 18 2023.

In an exclusive interview with Eggonnews, Hon. Jacob Kudu could not hide his joy that he had finally succeeded in getting the mandate of the people on his third attempt.

“I feel very happy because this is my third attempt. In 2015 I stopped at the primaries. In 2019, I got to the secondary elections but maybe God said the time was not ripe for me. So, I was very happy when I made it this time around. I was very happy to be declared the winner because I worked very hard for it.

“Those that worked for and voted for me, I cannot express it all. Only God will reward them. And I will never disappoint them. They will never regret voting for me by the special grace of God.”

He promised to be people-centred in his work as a state legislator. “I tell my supporters, anything that belongs to you is your own. But as a messenger, if you say ‘ok, we sent you and you brought this, take this as an appreciation for what you are doing.’ But for me to hide it? There is no difference between that one and stealing. You will not announce what is due to the constituency and it is what you like that you will do with the money. You have no right to do that.

“I have 152 polling units under Nassarawa Eggon East Constituency and I visited all these polling units. Their number demand is water. You know we campaigned around the dry season; February and March – and that is the peak of dry season. Everywhere we went to, they need borehole. Any other thing is secondary. And we must see to that.”

Apart from providing potable water for his constituents, Hon. Jacob Ajegena Kudu said he will also empower the youths and women by providing soft loans and grants as well as promoting quality education.

Hon. Jacob Ajegena Kudu of the All Progressives Congress had won the March 18 State Constituency elections in Nassarawa Eggon East Constituency, defeating the incumbent, Hon. Ibrahim Muluku Agah of the Social Democratic Party who was going for a fourth term.

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