Why ERCC Focuses On Economic Empowerment Of The Church And Members
ERCC President

The leadership of the Evangelical reformed Church of Christ (ERCC) has begun taking practical steps to change and enhance the economic fortunes of the church and her members.

This was disclosed by the President of the Church, Very Rev Dave Denji D. when speaking to Eggonnews after commissioning a multi-million Naira Shopping Complex located beside E-Library, Lafia, the Capital of Nasarawa State.

ERCC President, Very Rev. Dave Denji performing the commissioning of the project

The Commissioning ceremony, which had in attendance the Executive Council of the church, the Archdeans and Administrative Secretaries of the Conferences, Heads of Institutions of the church, as well as members of the Board of Trustees of the church, a large number of ERCC Clergy men and church members from across the eleven Conferences of the Church.

When asked about the idea of economic empowerment the church was embarking upon, the President said:
“Actually, in the past, the economy of the church was basically drawn from the offerings and tithes. But we discovered that, we need to diversify. Building complexes like this will bring revenue to the church.

A cross-section of some ERCC clergy at the event

And besides that, just like I said earlier, our members will take advantage of this, and if they are able to invest their little on this, it will empower our members economically, and by that, the ripple effect will still bring back revenue to the church. So, we feel that unless the church empowers its members economically, we cannot give them better life, and things will not move right.

“So, what we actually mean by that is that, the church is now thinking deliberately of her having investments that will sustain the church and will sustain the members, and thereby giving our people better life.”

Some members of ERCC Women Fellowship and Boys Brigade at the event

He disclosed other plans on ground by the church to expand its investment profile thus:
“After this, we have the same plot of land like this in Akwanga. And what we are thinking is that after this, we are going to Akwanga to replicate what you are seeing here, a business mall like this will be erected in Akwanga. And from there, we have already started building Guest Houses, with the thinking that when we put all these things in place, in the near future, our people will have better life.”

Against the backdrop of outcries by members of the church that the church was visiting too many levies and taxes on them, Eggonnews asked, with the investments the church was embarking, would the church reduce the levies on members?

The President answered thus:
“Clearly, there will be relief; clearly, we will reduce taxation on our members, and when we become economically solid with these investments, we look forward to such a time that our members will come to church happily, worship with joy and ease and go back home blessed and happy.

“Rather than thinking I am to the church, and the church is going to tax me and the church is going to milk me, now, the church will be happy, at least you come to church with settled mind and that will add spiritual value on the church.”

Asked if the new wave on investments would not overshadow the spiritual development of members, the President allayed the fears by insisting that:
“No, it wouldn’t! Certainly, there will be a balance, a balance between investment, economic empowerment and spiritual enhancement, because, you cannot enhance the spiritual life of your people if they are stricken by poverty. But when you have a balance, spirituality and better life, you will have a wholistic member who will certainly go to heaven not as a sad person, but go to heaven as a fulfilled man.”

Frontage of the ERCC Ricketts Plaza after commissioning

Earlier, while commissioning the shopping plaza, the President paid tributes to a number of persons who played what he described as significant roles in seeing to the realization of the project.

He appreciated the late President of the church, Very Rev Jerry Madibo under whose leadership the idea of the plaza was conceived, and that the idea was sustained by his successor, Very Rev Isaac S. Madugu.

Referring to V Rev Madugu, Rev Denji said: “We inherited the project from you. We appreciate you for sustaining the idea and the wisdom. You started the work, and we completed it.”

The President also paid glowing tribute on the Rev Elec Ricketts, the South African Missionary, who raised his will to ERCC, part of which formed the seed for the building of the plaza, stated that what the church got from his will motivated the church (ERCC) to do the project.

He said: “Though Rev Ricketts is no more, in fact, he passed on even before the project was commenced, he will continue to be remembered. He is the reason for the realisation of this project for which we are gathered to commission.”

A minute’s silence was observed in his honour.

Eggonnews reports that the plaza is named after the Missionary.

The President also appreciated the ERCC Board of Trustees who approved the idea of the Plaza.

Special acknowledgment and appreciation were also given to the immediate past Governor of Nasarawa State, Senator Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, under whose leadership some monetary donation was made to the church toward the project and the approval of the Certificate of Occupancy was made, which strengthened the church to go on the project.

He stated: “We thank the Nasarawa State Government for giving us every needed approval, because for such a big project to be executed in the heart of the city, can only be done by the approval of the Government.

“The Government granted us this approval, and we remain eternally grateful to the Government and people of Nasarawa State.

“We pray that the Lord will bless the Government, and will bless the Governor and everyone in this State.”

The President specially appreciated the Project Committee that saw to the realisation of the project, which was headed by Hon Ali Akpandam.

Speaking, the Committee Chairman appreciated the church leadership for counting them worthy to carry out the assignment for the church from 2019 to 2022.

He said the project was accomplished because of the support the Committee enjoyed from the leadership of the church and the spirit of sacrifice and unity among the committee.

He hoped that the project would lead to the liberation of the church and her members from what he described as economic poverty, adding that the project would lead to economic empowerment of the church.

The Board of Trustees under whose trust all church properties are given also appreciated the work done and prayed the essence of the project would be realised.
Before formally commissioning the Plaza, the President addressed some issues pertaining the plaza.

He announced that the church (ERCC) would establish a Printing Press which would be located within the Plaza.
He added that the church will run a Bookshop within the complex.

The 28-shop complex will be rented out to deserving members of the public.
He was quick to add that the Plaza is strictly a business project and not charity, hence, only people who meet the requirements will be given.

The complex is under a management committee headed by Mr Emmanuel Alidzi and Mr Obadiah Anji is the Secretary. Other members of the Committee are: the General Secretary of the Church, Very Rev G G Mallunche, the Director of Finance of the church, and the Legal Adviser of the Church.

Thereafter, the President performed the dedication rites and the unveiling of the plaque which carries the name of the Plaza, ERCC (Ricketts) Shopping Plaza.

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ERCC President

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    This story is apt. Short concise and straight forward. God bless eggonnews

  • July 29, 2022 at 7:07 am

    More grace MR PRESIDENT
    I Pray for a day I will hear or see ERCC UNIVERSITY,ERCC TV, SCHOOLS,
    And bringing this investment also to Abuja to be proud too and others state
    And Mr President I may like you to also think of expansion of the church in all State like that of ecwa,
    Thanks much we are proud of you sir


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