‘We Can Settle Ourselves’ – Keffi Political Bigwigs To Gov Sule

Political bigwigs from Keffi Local Government Area have told Governor Abdullahi Sule not to be bothered by the political intrigues going on in the party within the Local Government Area as according to them they can ‘settle themselves’.

They made this known during a town hall meeting between the Governor and stalwarts of the All Progressives Congress in Keffi Local Government Area.

Governor Abdullahi Sule addressing Keffi APC stalwarts at the town hall meeting

For persons who have been following happenings in the political space of Keffi Local Government Area and by extension Nasarawa West Senatorial District, it is obvious that the battle is mainly between former House of Representatives member, Honourable Ahmed Aliyu Wadada on one hand. On the other hand is the first Executive Governor of Nasarawa State and current senator representing the zone, Senator Abdullahi Adamu.

The interests of the current Minister of State for Science and Technology, Barrister Mohammed Hassan Abdullahi must also be taken into serious consideration.

The rivalry between these sides was obvious especially among their supporters during the town hall meeting even though the main actors tried to act like all was well.

It was so much that some persons who spoke at the event felt it was necessary to talk about it.

First to speak on the matter was Dan Galadiman Keffi who called on the Governor to concentrate on issues of governance and not worried about the clash of political interests going on as according to him, they know how to settle themselves.

When it was time for one of the main actors, a former Member of House of Representatives from the area and current Chairman of the Board of Directors of Peugeot Nigeria, Honourable Ahmed Aliyu Wadada spoke in similar light.

Speaking in Hausa language and using a proverb to express his point, Hon Wadada said: “For example if you have a 50 year-old man and a 25 year-old man, if you want to catch chicken, who should they send for that task?”

To Governor Sule, Honourable Wadada said: “Dan Galadiman Keffi said something very important. He said the matter between Turaki (referring to Senator Abdullahi Adamu), myself and Barrister (the Minister of State for Science and Technology) should be left between us. Whatever you see us do, we’re only taking fresh air.

“Whatever you see me do today, all the moves and plans, Turaki knows it all; he taught me.”

Describing Senator Abdullahi Adamu as his father, Honourable Wadada assured the Governor that it will all be settled.

When it was his turn to speak, Senator Abdullahi Adamu refused to directly address the issue. Instead he indirectly replied Honourable Wadada’s proverb saying: “The need to catch chicken has not yet risen. When we see a chicken that is lose, we will know how to catch it.”

It is being muted in various quarters that both Honourable Ahmed Aliyu Wadada and Barrister Mohammed Hassan Abdullahi are interested in replacing Senator Abdullahi Adamu at the red chambers of the National Assembly come 2023. It is not also clear whether the incumbent who is serving for the third term, is interested in retaining his seat.

On his part, Governor Abdullahi Sule agreed with their submission saying that because most of the main political actors were in politics before he came in, he could not interfere in their affairs even if he wanted to.

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