Twenty Twinkle Years And Still Thriving

An idea whose time came, it saw and it’s conquering. Great is God’s faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies are bestowed, every need we have God’s hands has provided, great is God’s faithfulness indeed.

It’s been Twenty years of doing it right, surmounting challenges and overcoming them all in the grandest way, all glory must be to God.

Having to start something new is the scariest thing ever, but to go against all odds and not only start but be consistent in the midst of glaring challenges can only be possible by having the backing of God mixed with some unrelenting doggedness.

It takes only the brave to ply roads that have never been plied.

Eggonnews has come and it stood the test of time because the path of the just is as a shining light, it shines effortlessly brighter unto the perfect days. The glory of the latter is now greater than the former because when something is good, time makes it better and that better becomes the best.

This column in particular started in 2007, this year makes it 12 years of a beautiful opportunity to put thoughts out there and get it published, I will never have been able to write a thing for anyone to read had Eggonnews not been in production, but not just the production but its ability to be newsstand worthy. It’s been nothing but pure delight to see that people still make out time to get the paper and read despite the turn of events lately, it means it is worth their while.

I want to use this medium to appreciate the Editor, Mr Mathew Kuju and every editorial team member of Eggonnews for putting in the kind of effort which translates into magic.

Eggonnews paper has by far now become a household name and it’s gradually gaining weight globally because someone caught the vision clearly and ran with it.

It is my heart desire that youth see this as a source of inspiration and motivation to move against the tide and make every dream come through/true because it is possible. It may not come off as easy but giving up a dream is not easy also. Get up and make it happen and let it happen big.

This paper in particular has given a lot of youth different platforms and opportunities to go above and beyond, we must seize the privilege to do amazing things with what has been made available to us.

Special appreciation goes to those who are glued to every latest development of this publication. It is because of you that the paper still exists, if you have not given some sort of support in one way or another, it would have been a different story entirely.

Writing on the pages of this paper gives me such Joy that can’t be explained, it is my prayer that the paper from hence, picks up wings as an eagle and soar to the uttermost part of the earth, may it experience a new phase and a complete facelift to become Nigeria’s number 1.

Happy Twenty Twinkle Anniversary to my Favourite newspaper. Shine bright like a diamond, your impact on the community is glaring for all to see, may every outstanding desire of this vision come to pass in the shortest period of time, may God go above and beyond, to exceed all expectations and do far above what you asked, thought or even dared to imagine, to say that I am extremely proud of how far you have come and how much you have done and still doing is to put it mildly.

This is me raising the glass so high to toast to best days ahead, cheers to more publications that will blow minds and leave doubters wondering how in heaven it came to be.

I for one know the number of great people who pick up this magazine to read because they always reach out to react to every message written in the paper, it is mind blowing to know that this paper has entered places that we didn’t even think possible but it is also an encouragement to do more and make it better. For every door each publication opened, all glory is ascribed to God. For every connect each publication provided, all glory to God. For every life that has found each publication a source of inspiration and motivation in one way or another, all glory must be to God. I know that God does mighty things and I testify that He has done great things for us wherewith we are glad. We might not be where we hoped to be but we definitely above every shadow of doubt not where we used to be. God has moved us, God has blessed us and God has been faithful. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes.

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