Tribunal Judgment: PDP Youths Decry ‘Religious Tribal Divisive Tendencies’ In Nasarawa Politics

A group under the aegis of Coalition of PDP Youths In Nasarawa State has decried what it described as ‘tribal and clannish divisive tendencies’ in Nasarawa politics especially after the judgment delivered by the Justice Ajayi-led Governorship Election Petition Tribunal on October 2, 2023.

Addressing the press on Friday (13th October 2023) in Lafia, the group said such comments coming from political actors in the State are pitching the people against one another, putting a strain on the existing peace.

Comr. Daniel Agbo, the Chairman of the group spoke on their behalf and below is the full text of press statement:



Good day ladies and gentlemen of the Press.

The Coalition of PDP Youths in Nasarawa state wish to alert the world on the dangerous lane upon which Nasarawa state politics has taken. That the dark forces of religion, tribal and clannish divisive tendencies are about to destroy the hitherto peaceful co-existence of the good people of the state, since the aftermath of the tribunal ruling;

2. Consequently, we are cautioning the general public, especially members of our dear party, the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the State to be wary of their recklessness, sentimental and threatening remarks such as ‘they are non indigenes’, ‘they are from Borno’, ‘they have religion agenda’, etc. Sincerely, these are statements that has already pitched the Nasarawa state people against themselves.

Most regrettably, some of these unfortunate statements are coming from our supposed political and religious leaders. For example, the statement being credited to a supposed religion leader, Primate Elijah Ayodele in an already trending video, openly telling the members of the Nasarawa State state PDP and its candidate to seize power from Governor Abdullahi Sule at at all costs. This is a clear incitement against the state;

3. Dear members of our beloved party, PDP, we must admits that what is wrong is wrong. If these religion, tribal and other dangerous divisive factors are allowed to become the order of the day in the state, we have a long to go. As a party, we must adhere to the strict principles of decent democracy as being practiced across the globe:

4. The governor of Nasarawa state, His Excellency, Engr Abdullahi Sule as a result of the foregoing has also raised an alarm, telling the world how he is being threatened to be removed from office using religion sentiments. He cited the judgment of the tribunal as one of the examples among several others. This trend of religion and tribal dichotomy shows that we still have moral weakness, which makes it very difficult to achieve a common goal as a state. Glory be to God, if not that governor Abdullahi Sule is such a kind and benevolent leader, this state would have since been plunged into an uncontrollable chaos. Everyone knows that no governor in Nigeria would have allowed this to happen in his state;

5. Most worrisome is that after taken a closer look at the ruling by the tribunal, we realized that merit was compromised for religion sentiment. If not, how on earth will you justify such shambolic ruling where out of three Judges, the two Christian Judges ruled in favor of their Christian brother and candidate of the PDP, Hon David Emmanuel Ombugadu while the remaining one Muslim Judge ruled in favor of his Muslim brother and candidate of the APC, Engr Abdullahi Sule? This is unfortunate and condemnable;

6. As a Coalition of PDP Youths that is more concerned with the unity and peaceful co-existence of our people than the party, we therefore called on the religious, political and tribal leaders to be cautious in their statements, henceforth. We are also calling on the stakeholders at the Appeal Court, especially the Judges for a proper review of the tribunal judgment, devoid of religion coloration or any other sentiment as witnessed by the lower court and set aside its judgment

7. The security agencies, traditional rulers and other critical stakeholders must live up to expectations to curtail or rather stop this ugly menace as peace and unity of the state is at stake. Remember, an injury to one is an injury to all; and

8. We must realize that Nasarawa state is a family and what is of great importance always is our unity and peace. Let us not imagine as a people that when we colour our arguments unnecessarily with tribal, clannish or religious sentiments, all will be peaceful and we shall achieve the stability and phenomenal progress we yearn for. No!

The secret of growing stronger, bigger, united and happier is when we cherish one another and consider others with equal dignity.

Thank you all and God bless.

Long Live Nasarawa State!

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

Comr. Daniel Agbo

Chairman, Coalition of PDP Youths in Nasarawa

Esther Osana

Secretary, Coalition of PDP Youths in Nasarawa state

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