Take Antenatal Care Serious, Expert Cautions Pregnant Women

A consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital, (DASH), Lafia, Dr. Lucky Changkat has cautioned pregnant women on the need to take Antenatal care very seriously.

Dr Lucky Changkat, who is the Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology department stated this during an interview with journalists, explaining to the general public on the importance of ante-natal care.

According to Dr. Changkat, “it is important to register at the antenatal clinic for regular check-up as a pregnant woman to ensure the health and wellness of both the mother and baby”

He stressed that the benefits of attending antenatal is to ensure that the woman receives basic health education and information concerning her pregnancy to protect and keep her and the foetus healthy and safe.

He further explained that the period gives room to identify high risk pregnancies and institute measures to manage it appropriately to maximize the chances of normal pregnancy, delivery and healthy baby as well as unevenly post-delivery period.

Dr. Changkat said the Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital has adopted focused antenatal care with options which generally includes; ante natal clinic care, midwifery group care and private care.

He therefore advised pregnant women to attend ante natal care to avoid complications during pregnancy, delivery and after delivery (puerperium)

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