Peace Masin, Two Others To Be Consecrated As Bishop On October 9, 2021

Come Saturday October 9, 2021, all roads will lead to Word of God Worldwide, Dominion City, located at Sabon Pegi Shabu, Lafia North Development Area of Nasarawa State.

That day, the presiding Bishop of the church, Peace Joseph Masin will be formally consecrated as Bishop.

Also, two other persons would be consecrated as Bishop alongside some who would be ordained Reverends.

Eggonnews was recently at the church premises and noticed massive work was being done on the auditorium complex getting it ready for what is described by members of the church as a great occasion and ceremony that will attract many people from across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

Peace Masin

Eggonnews asked Bishop Miracle Joseph Masin on the preparations toward the event, and he responded thus:

“On October 9, 2021, we are going to be consecrating a lot of ministers in the Word of God. We are consecrating about 17 Reverends. And then we are also going to consecrate so many pastors because the young ones are growing with passion. And one of the things that have happened to our lives is that our life is influencing others. They want to serve God. You will see that they will graduate from school and say ‘we want to serve God.’

“A lot of young ones are growing, a lot of them want to serve God and we cannot tell them no. Our counsel is to let them understand and we attest that they are truly called. Once we attest to that and we sense the call upon them, we ordain them.

“We are going to consecrate three Bishops on the 9th of October. My brother and two other ministers from among us. The question is why my brother? Are we giving him because he is Baba’s son? No. Being Bishop is an office.

“People are politicizing it that you will give Bishop because this person has money or this person has a car. I told Baba that he can give Bishop even if the person is trekking. You can consecrate a person a Bishop even if the person is riding on bike. Don’t do consecration based on how others are doing it. Follow the Book of Acts of the Apostles. Follow the criteria for Bishops to be consecrated and do that whether the man is in the village. If he has tested the word of righteousness and he has integrity and he knows the foundation of your calling and you feel that he can take it to the next level, make him a Bishop. Beat the imagination of people that a Bishop has to be in town, a Bishop has to have a big car, a Bishop has to have money in his account.

Paul Edamaku

“Apart from my younger brother, the remaining two, one of them it is even bike that he is using. I told Baba to consecrate him. Why? He has value. He understands the ministry. Like Paul Edamaku for instance, he has been with my father for years. He was serving my father even before he got married. And today he is a minister of God. He is one of the men of God that know your foundation. Consecrate them whether with money or not. It is an office. It is ministry. It has nothing to do with politics.

“Politicians have been looking forward to see me but I don’t give them opportunity because I am busy. Not that I cannot see them because I want to. I don’t talk to or see anybody when God has not put words in my mouth to say. Some of them would come and meet me and say ‘Miracle, prophesy to me.’ I will tell them I prophesy as commanded by God.

“And a lot of people accept the office of the Bishop so they can meet politicians. We don’t do that here. We do it based on your value and your responsibility. You are doing it well, why don’t we give you that office so you can blow it better. It is not because Pastor Peace is Baba’s son but because he desired it and we checked it and we discovered that he is worth it.

“On the 9th, they will be consecrated by the grace of God and in fact, I will be among those consecrating them alongside my dad.”

Eggonnews then asked Bishop Peace about the forthcoming ceremony and what October 9 meant to him, and he had this to say:

“October 9 is so important and significant to me. Because on that day, I will be coronated and anointed as a Bishop.

“Being Bishop is an honour and a title. Apostle Paul said something in the Book of Timothy. He said “He that desires the office of a Bishop desires a good thing.” “It is an exalted throne, an exalted altar. Not just because God called me. God actually called me but the calling of God in my will be exalted by men. They have seen it; they have seen what I have done and they want to exalt me before people on earth.

“On the 9th of October, about 15 Bishops are coming here. Two Archbishops are coming here. So, it is a very big event that will happen here. My members will also be around so it is a big jubilation where people will come and see how their father will be physically exalted.

“And then spiritually, some men of God that are higher than me in the spirit like my spiritual father Archbishop Masin, will also be here. That day will be the first time that he will climb here and hold the microphone. He has come here before to see the work I am doing but he has never climbed my altar before. But on the 9th of October, he is coming here to hold microphone. And I am seeing it as a privilege to host my own father.

“And I believe after that day, even my dimension in anointing will change because exalted hands will also fall on me and they will pour oil on me. I believe after that day, my dimension in ministry will also change and my operation in grace will increase. I am just praying for that day to come quickly because I cannot just wait to see myself operating again in high realm of grace and power. I believe after that consecration, my dimension in ministry will also change. And I hope that will come to pass.”

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