PDP Women In Nasarawa Give INEC Seven Days To Reverse Declaration Of Sule As Winner Of Guber Polls

Women in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) protesting the declaration of Governor Abdullahi Sule as the winner of the March 18th governorship election in Nasarawa State have given the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) seven days to review the discrepancies in the election  and reverse itself.

The leader of the protesting group, Stella Okposhi stated this when speaking to newsmen, after presenting their letter of protest to the Resident Electoral Commissioner of INEC in Nasarawa State, Uthman Adejigba in his office in Lafia.

Okposhi, who is the State PDP women leader, said, they are planning to take an action and to push further for justice and equity, should the INEC REC fail to respond to their request at the end of the seventh day as required by the electoral act.

She said, their protest is normal in democracy, as no violent, destruction or threat was issued to anyone.

“We went peacefully from our party office to the INEC office to ask the INEC REC to tell us and to announce the governorship election.

“The reason we went to the REC is, two wards – that is Gayam and Ciroma – cannot determine the election of 13 Local Governments, because these two wards are under Lafia as a Local Government.

“And it is in this two wards that the election of the governorship and House of Assembly was conducted simultaneously.

“But at the end, that of the governorship, the INEC officer claimed that they have announced it, which to us, it is a fraudulent act .

“Since they did not announce that of the House of Assembly, which is just a constituency election, but that of the governor, which consist of about 13 Local Governments, they announced it within the shortest period.

“But of the House of Assembly is still pending for two to three days and they are saying the election to the House of Assembly for Lafia Central  is inclusive.

“If the election of Lafia Central, which consist of Gayam and Ciroma wards is inclusive, then automatically that of the governorship is been rigged.

“Because, if they cannot get exact number to announce the House of Assembly election, and Gayam and Ciroma are part of Lafia Local Government, which the election was conducted from the pollings with the same BVAS, with that of the governorship, with the same accreditation, the only difference was the result sheets, then they cannot announce the right thing then there is problem.

“Where did they get the figure to announce that of the governorship and they cannot get the correct figure to announce that of the House of Assembly, which they are saying is inclusive.

“That is the reason we are protesting. To us as women I Nasarawa State. We believe that the so-called announcement of that of the governorship, which they have announced, it is fraudulent.

“They have rigged the election, if not, the figure that has not determined the House of Assembly election, should equally apply to the figure that should not be annouced the governorship election.

“That is why we feel, the INEC has not played their part. They are taking side.”

The women leader explained further that the seven days given to the INEC started counting from the day the election was conducted adding that the women were willing to continue their peaceful protest until the right thing is done.

On the issue of going to court to seek redress, Stella Okposhi said that although she is not authorised to speak on that, she is sure the PDP in Nasarawa State is exploring all legal options to reclaim the mandate of the people of the State.

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