Pastor Naphtali Enwogulu Begins Fresh Missionary Work in FCT

Send-forth prayers has been held for Pastor Naphtali Enwogulu as he begins missionary work in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The prayers which held at his residence behind Nassarawa Eggon Police Station was attended by a number of friends and associates of the pastor.

Pastor Naphtali Enwogulu and members of his immediate family

Some of those who attended are Chief Anthony Ibi, Chief George Bashi, Dr Chief Barnabas Ahgu, Reverend Emmanuel Angbashim and Hon Dr Dominic Bako.

Speaking at the event, Pastor Enwogulu appreciated all who graced the occasion. He recalled the struggles he embarked on to reach where he is, saying he has been preaching the gospel for 30 years now in Eggon Land.

He said he rejected offers to take appointments with government because of his vision for Eggon land. And that even though it has not been easy, God has been with him.

Some of the guests at the event

He said: “Like Daniel in the den of lions, the lions have not devoured me though I have been attacked and bruised.”

Pastor Enwogulu said God has used him to raise people who are carrying on with the commission. Some of the people God has used Pastor Naphtali Enwogulu to raise for the mission, gave testimonies.

Speaking to Eggonnews, Pastor Naphtali Enwogulu said he was leaving to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, having heard from God, adding that he was going to essentially ‘glean’ the FCT for the Lord.

He said he organized the programme so that the people in the land would pray for him to prosper in the land he would be going to.

Describing the nature of the new field he is going to start, Pastor Enwogulu said it was not that there is a church waiting for him to pastor, but that he is going to start a fresh missionary work among the people to ‘glean’ the people.

When asked about the people in Eggon land where he has been working for 30 years, he said the work will continue, moreover there are elders and people who would continue from where he stopped.

He added that he will still be coming around, stressing that all the spiritual activities he has been known with will not cease.

He then charged the people to sustain the fervour and zeal for the word of God.

4 thoughts on “Pastor Naphtali Enwogulu Begins Fresh Missionary Work in FCT

  • January 26, 2020 at 7:23 am

    The Lord strengthen and enlarge your coast even in the gospel of faith reconciling the nations to there creator.

  • October 4, 2023 at 6:34 am

    “The work is plenty but the Labourers are few” says the Lord. Sir, count your self lucky to be found in God’s vineyard For you will be endowed with every silver and gold (Souls) where ever you’re led by the Spirit of God. The Lord is your Shepherd.
    Cheers, Evangelist Anjugu David


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