NPFL: Barr Isaac Danladi Clears The Air on Players Transfer Policy In Nasarawa United

By Akolo Richard Ajegena

A couple of weeks back, news broke on all social media platforms that monies meant for Nasarawa United was visibly seen diverted into private pockets by some members of the public.

The issues lingered on for long as it became a matter of public interest with some sections of the crowd at the Lafia City stadium on Sunday (February 13, 2022) when Nasarawa United drew with Sunshine Stars. They began to throw accusing fingers at the members of the management team.

Some believed that monies from the sale of Ibrahim Sunusi, Abubakar Lawal, Hassan Abdallah, Tebo Franklin and Silas Nwankwo were never remitted to the accounts of the government of Nasarawa State. Instead, they were all diverted into individual pockets.

In a media parley on Monday (February 14, 2022), Nasarawa United FC Chairman Barr Isaac Danladi was on hand to correct these notions while saying these issues were the figments of the imaginations of some people who had failed to go through the appropriate channels in getting real information on how these deals came about.

Excerpts from Barr Danladi’s parley with the members of the press on Monday at the Lafia City Stadium are reproduced below:

“First and foremost, I want to sincerely appreciate you for having me.

“For most of you here, i can say just a few don’t know me. And anyone who knows me knows my pedigree in football.

“Aside from being the Chairman of Nasarawa United, I am also the Chairman of the 20 Premier League Clubs in Nigeria and if you should know, there are bigger names than Nasarawa United in the NPFL, but today I happen to be their leader, which means I have something to offer otherwise I cannot lead.

“Immediately Nasarawa United got promoted in 2011/2012, I was saddled with the responsibility of being the chairman.

“I am also a Technical Committee of the Nigerian Football Federation and one of the longest serving Chairman of a NPFL Club.

“One issue was raised about about me selling players out of the country without remitting the proceeds to the appropriate quarters.

“Two players were mentioned, Franklin Tebo who just left recently and also Silas Nwankwo who left even more recently.

“The issue is that you cannot play something on nothing and expect it to stand.

“The owners of the the club and I am talking of His Excellency, The Governor of Nasarawa State, Engr Abdullahi Sule knows that one of the problems we have is not outrightly buying our players, because if you don’t buy players, you cannot sell them. And we all know the rules and regulations of football, both locally and internationally that even if you loan a player and you don’t pay, at the end of the day his loan agreement expires, he is released back to either his parent club, or he is given his clearance if he doesn’t have a contract with them.

“Secondly, even If you pay 99.9% of the agreed sum, you are in default and when his contract expires, you release him to go.

“Even if you buy a player for 10million, signing him for 5 years. When his contract expires, he is a free player and free to go.

“For that of Franklin Tebo, it is not a statement of fact that money was given to a private pocket, but the issue is has the money been paid?

“That is one thing. And except for the management, Chairman, nobody may know the details of the agreement.

“For people to allege that we collected money as I said it has been explained to the people who gave us the responsibility and they understand.

“That of Silas, I don’t know. Silas was signed how many days ago? Not more than two, three weeks ago and he is still having age issues. Up till now, his contract has not even been concluded. They are still waiting to do some checks on him to find out his actual age. So when was the money released?

“And I said Clubs have been selling players. Have you ever seen Enyimba for instance, saying that they sold their players on the pages of paper? It is never done like that. Everything is administrative.”

The soft spoken administrator concluded by saying all Nasarawa United needs now is the support of everyone so that the team will exceed the feat of the previous season while stating that all is not yet lost as his side has the outside chance to end the season with at least a silverware.

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