Nigerians Enjoined To Always Appreciate Ex-Servicemen

Nigerians have been called upon to do everything in their power to ensure those that have served the nation in the military as well as members of their family never suffer.

The call was made by the Nasarawa State Deputy Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe during the 2020 interdenominational armed forces Remembrance Day service which held at Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC) Gloryland, Lafia.

The Deputy Governor said even though prayer is very important for both the serving and retired service men and their families, they will also appreciate material support “because they gave their lives for you and I to be alive today.

From L-R: Nasarawa State Commissioner for Information and Culture, Comrade Dogo Shammah, Head of Service, Mr. Nicholas Abari Aboki, Deputy Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe and Deputy Speaker NSHA, Rt. Hon. Nehemiah Tsentse Dandaura during the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Service at ERCC Gloryland, Lafia

“For those of them that are still alive, they have gone through hell and are still going through hell while still on earth. They say he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches.

“Today we have a president in this country who himself is a retired military man and so does not joke with this kind of things. Here in the State, our Governor is also very serious about these things. That was why by himself, he led other officials of the State to launch the emblem this past week.

“I remember sometime last year precisely August 20th when I was rushing to Abuja for a function and we ran into a group of bandits who attacked my convoy and three policemen in the pilot vehicle were killed and the driver. And of course, I should not let the families suffer alone. I discussed with the Governor and he agreed, and today the wives of those policemen from Obi and Wamba are now fully employed. And we are in touch with the Governors of Bauchi and Plateau so that the wives of the guys from Bauch and Plateau will also be employed. And the Governors have agreed to employ them.

“I think this should be our attitude, this should be our drive. For those who have fallen, let us do everything to ensure that their families don’t suffer.”

In his speech at the service, the Nasarawa State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Arch Bishop Joseph G Masin, called on Christians to always pray for the military especially those who are in the war front.

Nasarawa State CAN Chairman, Arch Bishop Joseph G Masin

Arch Bishop Masin who is himself a retired military veteran, urged all and sundry never to forget the family members left behind by the fallen heroes and always endeavour to lend a helping hand wherever they can.

Speaking on behalf of the Chairman of Nigeria Legion in Nasarawa State, the State Secretary, Captain Ewuga Joel (Rtd) appreciated all who created time to be part of the armed forces Remembrance Day service.

He lamented that the Nigeria Legion who are supposed to help in catering to the needs of family members left behind by fallen heroes, are unable to do so because of the lean resources available to them.

He appealed to the government and the church to help in any way possible so as to ensure that the sacrifices made by the ex-service men are not vain.

Captain Ewuga Joel (Rtd), Secretary of Nigeria Legion in Nasarawa State

In his sermon, Reverend Great Bladu Audu who read from the Book of 1 Samuel 25, called on Christians to strive to be remembered for their good works.

He said all humans have lifespan and the only thing that can keep one beyond his lifetime is the service he rendered.

The cleric added that many times God elevates people for their good works even while they are still alive.

He said: “If you serve your nation with all your heart, if you serve your State with all your heart, if you serve the church with all your heart, the Lord will reward you. The Lord elevates his faithful servants.

“Because of Abigail’s intelligence and good works, the Lord uplifted her onto becoming the wife of a king.”

Also reading from Isaiah 38 where God added 15 years for King Hezekiah because of his good works, Reverend Great Bladu said good works will not only attract blessings to the individual but even to his descendants.

The service was rounded up with a special collection in support of the families of the fallen heroes.

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