New Dawn


Leave the former things behind, look, new things are springing forth, do you not see it, do you not perceive it? Whatever the situation, no matter the challenges, refuse to dwell in the past, forge ahead. There is more ahead of us than behind us. The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former. Yes a lot has threatened your peace of mind, a lot has pushed you to even question God’s love for you but rejoice, joy comes in the morning. God is working out a far more exceeding weight of glory, all things are working themselves out for good. Nothing happens to us beyond our capability, we are built to handle whatever comes at us. Some of the situations we encounter are either situations we got ourselves into or some other people got us into it, whichever one, learn to let go.

When the storm is finally all over, the sun will shine again and when your next door opens, you will then understand why the enemy fought you so hard. Bad vibes are energy sapping, they drain sanity out of you but when you understand that nothing works against a new creation you will handle it more boldly knowing that you are already more than a conqueror.

Some people wish they won’t have challenges in life but truthfully challenges are the things that expose us to growth. We grow to the next and higher level of life by surmounting what comes at us per time.

Some people think that they have seen the best of you, but what you are being prepared for will leave them in a state of shock because God will go over and beyond to do exceeding, abundantly far above what you asked, thought or dared to imagine.

Dealing with life difficulties can suck at times, it may feel a little overwhelming sometimes and even heart breaking but one thing is certain, we can learn from it and come out as better people than we were when the situation presented itself. God will shock those who wrote us off, He will elevate us to unimaginable heights, with long life and prosperity, in sound health and sound mind, God will satisfy us and honour us with all that pertain to life and godliness.

The world and its systems cannot ruin us because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Be hopeful, greater days are here, crooked ways are made straight, lines are fallen in pleasant places, prayers are speedily answered, lack gives way for abundance, sicknesses and diseases are replaced with sound health and permanent healing, sorrows gives way for oil of gladness, distress gives way for peace that surpasses all understanding, loss gives way for gain, hurt gives way for relieve, negativity gives way for positivity on every level. Don’t Stress, it will end in praise to God’s glory alone.

One other thing, forgive people who have done you wrong, you don’t have to directly interact with them anymore but make sure you let it go and let it go for real. What is behind should stay behind. Move on to something bigger and better. Things happen for a reason and for a season, learn that, accept that and work with that. The rest of the year will be the best of the year. Best believe that!

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