NCPF Not Breakaway From ACF
-Former ACF Sec Gen

Contrary to widely held view implying that the recently formed North Central People’s Forum was a  break away from the Arewa Consultative Forum, the immediate past Secretary General of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Elder Anthony N Z Sani has said the NCPF is not a break away from the Arewa Consultative Forum after all.

Speaking to Eggonnews while reacting to report about the formation of the NCPF, Elder Anthony N Sani, who was once the National Publicity Secretary of the ACF and is presently a member of the Governing Council of the Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation, said: “The formation of North Central  People’s Forum does not in anyway amount to break away from Arewa Consultative Forum.”

He explains further: “It is a local platform meant to concentrate its efforts of complementing in socio-economic development of North Central geopolitical zone.

“After all, States and geopolitical zones’ place in the order of things are to complement the efforts of umbrella platforms at socio-economic development of united whole.

“For examples, there are geopolitical platforms like NC, NE and NW Governors fora which exist to complement the efforts of the Northern States Governors Forum.”

Comparing the North Central People’s Forum and the Middle Belt Forum, Elder Sani said: “The North Central People’s Forum is not on even keel with the amorphous and ill defined Middle Belt Forum which claims not to be part of a united one North and the umbrella ACF that seeks to promote a northern people who are socially diverse, economically empowered and politically active.

“That explains why some active members of ACF like Gen J T Useni and Arch Gabriel Aduku are the helmsmen of the newly floated NCPF.

“ACF and NCPF are therefore never mutually exclusive.”

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