Nasarawa State Government Throws Weight Behind Nasarawa Amazons

Ajegena Akolo Richard

The Nasarawa State Government has pledged its full support to Nasarawa Amazons, the State’s female football team, ahead of the NWFL Premiership Super Six tournament in Bayelsa.

The Deputy Governor, His Excellency Dr Emmanuel Akabe, praised the team’s achievements, noting they have accomplished what the men’s team could not. He expressed confidence in their abilities and assured them of financial backing.

The team has been commended for their efforts, with the Deputy Governor stating, “You have done what the men could not do, and we are very proud of you.”

The government’s support aims to encourage the team to perform well and make the state proud. Dr. Akabe emphasized, “We will continue to support you in whatever it takes for you to succeed.”

The Deputy Governor made a personal donation of 500,000 Naira to the players to add up to whatever they have for the trip.

His Excellency also promised to inspect their accommodation and work on providing better facilities upon their return.

With government backing, the team can face their opponents in Bayelsa with confidence, knowing they have full support. They are sure to make a lasting impact and bring glory to the State.

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