Nasarawa LG Elections: Polling Stations Yet To Open In Lafia, Nassarawa Eggon

Polling Stations are yet to open and elections are yet to commence in Lafia and Nassarawa Eggon Local Government Areas in the 2021 Nasarawa Local Government Elections.

Our correspondent who toured a number of polling stations around Lafia reports that there were no electoral officers at the polling units and electorates were scanty.

At the polling unit in Taal Model Nursery and Primary School Bukan Sidi in Akurba Ward for instance, only the security agents and two voters were present when our reporter arrived there at about 9:16am.

When our correspondent spoke to one of the voters, he expressed his worry that this LG elections were turning out to be like the last one where voters turned out and waited till evening yet there was no election only to hear the announcement of results later.

The other voter left the polling unit even before our correspondent finished his interview. According to her, she was going to attend to other more important things.

Reports from around Lafia indicates that the situation is similar in other polling units.

At Angwan Tiv in Sabon Pegi, Lafia an eyewitness reports that people were seen going about their normal businesses. Same was reported from the polling stations at Angwan Mangu, College of Agric, the State Polytechnic, Sabon Pegi Shabu, Azuba Centre and police barracks.

At Nassarawa Eggon at the Local Government Secretariat, the sensitive election materials were still being distributed at about 11am when our correspondent got there.

None had taken off to any of the ward collation centres.

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