Mailantarki Pre-Scouting Football Tournament: An Executive Summary

In the build-up to the razzmatazz football fiesta in Gombe, the ambience surrounding football airspace in the centre of the North-East was thick with high expectations.

Football fans were expectant of the array of promising young talents who will be all out to flaunt their prodigious skills that will offer them a lifetime prospect of been selected for the scouting tournament, a tournament that promises to be mould them for a professional stint in Europe. The fans were not disappointed.

The objective of the tournament, as summarised by the affable Honourable Khamisu Ahmed Mailantarki, the President of the Mailantarki Care Academy and the sole sponsor of the scouting expedition, is to give young football talents across the northern parts of the country the opportunity to play in Europe.

According to him, a predominant majority of Nigerians playing in European leagues are from the other parts of the country. Teams from Gombe, Nasarawa, Kano, Bauchi and Yobe.

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