‘Kidnappers Are Yet To Communicate With Us’ – Nasarawa CAN Chairman Family

19 hours after he was abducted, the family members of Arch Bishop Joseph Masin, the General Overseer, Word of God Worldwide Gospel City who is the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Nasarawa State have said his abductors are yet to contact them to make any demands.

Pastor Joseph Peace Masin, the biological son to the Nasarawa State CAN Chairman, in an exclusive interview with Eggonnews, said the family was praying and trusting God “there will be negotiation between we and them”.

Giving an account of how his father was abducted, Pastor Joseph Peace Masin said: “The whole thing I think started between 11:30 to 11:45pm yesternight. That is Wednesday.

“The Fulani herdsmen, when they came, met one of the servants in the house lying down outside. Already the place inside was locked because the person lying outside has his room outside. So, the place was locked already. And when they came that was when the rain started.

“So, they badged into the room of the young man because it was outside the house and the door was opened. They badged in and pointed the gun at him, that he should call someone from the main house to open the door for him, that he should say he was the one that wanted to come in.

“So, the young guy came and began to knock the door. So babana himself asked ‘who is there?’

He said he was the one. ‘What do you want? You and who?’ He said he and some people.

“Then he quickly understood something was wrong. So he began to call one of the ladies in the house. The lady now came and opened the door and they now badged in with guns searching for him. They now said they were there for him, he should just comply and follow them quietly.

“They came with full arms – AK-47. They were eight in number. But the three that entered were Fulani herdsmen. But for the five out there, nobody could know because they just surrounded this place with arms.

“That was how he came out with them without any struggling and they moved down with him.

“Since when they left with him his phone was switched off and they are yet to communicate with us to give us definite information. Which we pray to God and we are trusting God, there will be negotiation between we and them.

“They came barefooted. They wanted going with a motorcycle – because there is a new motorcycle, he bought that is inside. So, they requested for the key of the motorcycle, they couldn’t find it. They tried to break the neck of the motorcycle but they later left it. They walked down through this direction. We don’t really know where they took him.”

Pastor Masin then called on concerned members of the public to remain calm, saying that the Nasarawa State Police Commissioner has given assurance that he and his men are on the matter.

He said: “…the Commissioner of Police himself came here and I spoke one on one with him. He gave us all assurance that the security in the State will put all efforts to make sure he is recovered alive.

“And he said everyone should calm down. Which I want to encourage everyone around the State and outside the State to pray along with the family even as the security are doing justice to see how they can recover him.”

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