ISE Holds Seminar On Global Insecurity For Muslim Clerics

Eric M Kuju

In line with her objectives to promote the ideals of Islam in Eggon land and beyond, the Islamic Society of Eggonland (ISE) has held a seminar for respected Muslim clerics in Nassarawa Eggon.

The seminar which held at the Nassarawa Eggon Central Mosque on Saturday October 16, 2021, was the first time the ISE was engaging with the clerics in such a grand scale.

Aren Eggon Erro, Alhaji Usman Hudu Makeri

In his opening remarks, the Aren Eggon Erro, Alhaji Usman Hudu Makeri who is also the Chairman of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) in Nassarawa Eggon commended the ISE for coming up with such an initiative.

He said there are so many false notions about Islam that are making the rounds and it is important for every genuine Muslim to represent the peaceful nature of Islam both in words and actions so as to dispel the falsehood.

To the participants, the royal father had the following words: “The purpose of organising this seminar is to inform you what Islam really is. I urge you to listen keenly to all the experts that will be speaking to you so you can increase your knowledge.”

The Aren Eggon Erro also expressed his wish that Christian clerics were also invited to the event as according to him, when Christians are afforded the opportunity to understand what Islam entails, it will correct the misconceptions they currently hold and also entrench peace and unity in the community.

Presenting the lead paper on “Muslim Thought and the Contemporary Challenges”, Chief Imam of Nassarawa Eggon Central Mosque Sheikh Jibrin Yusuf Danladi said Islam as a religion, promotes peace the respect for the rights of human beings irrespective of their religion or tribe.

Chief Imam of Nassarawa Eggon Central Mosque Sheikh Jibrin Yusuf Danladi

In his words: “This paper centred on peace as the thought of Islam and peace globally because Islam has been tagged as a religion of Jihad, that Islam is being spread through the sword, shedding of blood. Is it true? We went through the scripture to see whether what others say about Islam is true or not and we found out that it is wrong because Islam preaches peace.

“When the Holy Propeht (SWT) came, he came and met the Jews and the Christians in Medina and he stayed in peace with them. We have a peace pact in Islam where if there is anything, you have to relate with the Christian and other non-Muslims and not to fight them.

“Today there are others who have deviated and are going by their own interest against the teaching of Islam. So, we want to tell the whole world that Islam preaches peace and those who are embarking on illicit acts are not practising the true Islam.”

Two other papers on “Impact of Western Imperialization Among Muslims” and “Islam and Immorality Among Muslim Ummah” were presented by Dr Idris Muhammad from Federal University of Lafia and Ustaz Salihu Jangwa of JIBWIS College of Education Lafia respectively.

ISE General Secretary Alhaji Umar Abdullahi Galle

Speaking to the press on the sidelines of the event, ISE General Secretary, Alhaji Umar Abdullahi Galle said his organisation saw the need to organise such an event so as to fight back the propaganda being spread in several quarters associating Islam with terrorism.

He said: “We have terrorist-inspired propaganda that is widely spread. A lot of people are going into these dangerous groups without really understanding the Islamic position when it comes to terrorism.

“ No place in Islam accommodates terrorism, insurgency, kidnapping and any form of violence that is geared towards eliminating someone’s life or causing harm against the individual.

“It is high time in the height of this insecurity, for us to use religious leaders to campaign against insecurity, to campaign against any group that will cause problem to humanity, to Islam.

“These are some of the reasons why we decided to call on these local imams and also invite these facilitators to educate them on what Islam said on terrorism.”

The ISE General Secretary also disclosed that there are plans on ground to extend the training to other groups of persons so that the right information is spread as far as the propaganda has gone.

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