ISE Holds 8th Pre-Ramadan Lectures, Prays For Peace And Unity In Eggon Land

In line with her tradition to usher in the holy month of Ramadan, the Islamic Society of Eggonland (ISE) has organized its annual pre-Ramadan lectures.

The lecture which is the 8th in the series, held at the Nassarawa Eggon Central Mosque under the chairmanship of the Aren Akun, HRH Alhaji Usman Galadima Umbugadu with the theme: “Islam, Fasting, Morality and Terrorism in Contemporary Society”.

Speaking to pressmen on the sidelines of the event, Chief Imam of Nassarawa Eggon and also Chairman of the ISE, Sheikh Jibrin Yusuf Danladi said the organization deems it necessary to gather Eggon-speaking Muslim religious leaders annually to increase their knowledge on contemporary topics as they affect the society.

One of the guest lecturers, Sheikh Haruna Umar Alogani

He said: “Today’s program has a theme that goes across the human life. One of it is insecurity and that was handled by one of our scholars. Another paper is on Tauheed – that is Islamic theology. You have to believe that Allah (SWT) is one to mould and give morals to our Muslim faithful in general. The third paper is on the significance of fasting in the upcoming month of Ramadan where every Muslim is expected to fast.”

He called on the participants who are imams from various localities in Eggon land, to ensure they do a step-down of whatever they learn at the lectures in their various localities so that the lectures will achieve the desired goal of causing positive change in the society.

In his remarks at the event, Group Treasurer of the NNPC and pioneer of the ISE, Alhaji Isiyaku Abdullahi while calling on the Muslim faithful to be united, said the ISE was not established to promote ethnic differences but make sure the people at the grassroots are able to hear Islamic teachings in the language they understand.

Group Treasurer of NNPC, Alh. Isiyaku Abdullahi

He assured that the Islamic Society of Eggonland will continue to promote programs and activities that will make authentic knowledge of Islam available to the people and also bring peace and progress to the land.

On his part, the General Secretary of the Islamic Society of Eggonland, Alhaji Umar Abdullahi Galle celebrated the progress made by the ISE since its inception especially with the pre-Ramadan lectures.

Some of the participants at the pre-Ramadan lecture

He said: “This is the 8th in the series (of pre-Ramadan lectures) and we sincerely thank the Almighty God for making this project a success.

“Our aim is to create awareness on Islam, to create awareness on fasting and address other fundamental issues that concerns the human society today.

“We also want these scholars to pray for our leaders. Let our leaders fear God and know that this responsibility they have, they will account for it hereafter.”

He enjoined the participating religious leaders to preach sermons especially during the Ramadan period that will correct the trend of moral decadence in the society.

He also called for the exploration of the social media to give widespread coverage to their teachings so that the younger generation can also benefit.

The 2023 pre-Ramadan lectures organized by the Islamic Society of Eggonland (ISE) was attended by Islamic religious leaders from localities around Eggonland.

Some notable Eggon sons and daughters were also present including Umar Danladi Halilu Envulu-anza (Esq) and General A. T. Umar.

Also present was the Osana of Keana, HRH Alhaji Abdullahi Agbo and the Aren Eggon Erroh, HRH Alhaji Usman Hudu Makeri.

There was also a special prayer session for the peace and prosperity of Eggon land with special focus on the cases of kidnapping and thuggery that has bedeviled Nassarawa Eggon.

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