‘I Don’t Want To Die’, Woman Battling Breast Cancer Cries Out

By Faith Awa Maji

Miss Felicia Wazi James Tsaku, an orphan, a single mother of a 12 year-old boy has cried out for help after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

In this interview with FMBlog and shared with Eggonnews, Miss Felicia Wazi speaks about the excruciating pains she is going through while soliciting for help from kind hearted Nigerians, cancer foundations and international health bodies to save her life by complete treatment.

Excerpts of the interview are as follows:

How did you know you could be having cancer and what steps did you take?

Well I am Felicia Wazi James Tsaku, an orphan, a single mother of a 12 year-old boy and I will be 43 by June 30th. From the family of 8 and I’m the breadwinner of the family that is why things are so difficult as it is.

It all started in February 2022 when I felt a sharp pain around 3am in my back. The following day I traced the pains and it led me to my armpits. So I bought Ampiclox tabs to drink and I noticed the pains were coming to my left breast so I stopped taking the drugs I bought and went to hospital. I did series of test and by time the results came it was cancerous already. So I have been battling with it since then.

From Dalhatu Araf (Specialist Hospital) Lafia to Gombe Teaching Hospital. From Gombe Teaching Hospital to JUTH where I am assessing treatment now.

When and where was it confirmed that the ailment you have is cancer? And what were your immediate reactions?

First, at Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital (DASH) and later at Gombe Teaching Hospital.

At first, it was so hard to believe that I have cancer. It took me months to believe that. And when I finally believe to be my cross, I accepted it and life went on but there was never a day that I will not cry and ask God why me. I later said to myself that those people suffering from the same ailments are they not God’s loving children?

How is the treatment going? What stage are you in now and what is next?

Cancer treatment is actually very painful and expensive. I do not wish an enemy to have such ailment.

I have received assistance from close friends and family members, Nasarawa State Gov Abdullahi Sule too gave me two hundred and fifty thousand naira (250,000). But I have spent so far all plus the immediate family savings of millions of naira and I am totally out of funds now. I still have a long way to go. I need contributions or donations from people with compassionate hearts so that I can continue the treatment to the tune of ₦7,856,625.00.

Those who wish to help Felicia can donate to her cause through Access Bank account number 0012970790, Felicia Wazi James Tsaku

She can be reached through telephone number +234 803 647 7198.

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