Galle Community Receives Accolades For Fostering Unity In Eggonland With Annual Cultural Day

For the fourth year in a row, the Galle branch of the Eggon Cultural and Development Association (ECDA) has brought distinguished personalities from all walks of life especially in Eggon land, to Galle, Nassarawa Eggon to mark the ‘Galle Day’. This drew accolades from all who participated in the cultural day.

The event which usually holds on the 2nd of January every year, is an opportunity for the people of Galle to showcase their rich cultural heritage to the world.

The 2024 Galle Day which held on Tuesday 2nd January at Government Secondary School, Galle, had the theme:  “Celebrating Our Culture, Honouring Our Heroes and Building Our Future” and was also to raise funds for the building of Galle House and Event Centre.

Some of the participants at the 2024 Galle Day who spoke during the event, appreciated the people of Galle for putting much efforts to sustain the culture of the Eggon people.

The paramount ruler of the Eggon people, the Aren Eggon, Justice Ahmed Ubangari (Rtd) who was represented at the event by the Aren Eggon Erroh, Alhaji Usman Hudu Makeri described the Galle people as a shining light in Eggon land as according to him, they have continued to foster unity among Eggon people through their cultural day.

He charged them to sustain all their efforts towards selling the beautiful culture of the Eggon people to the world and also urged all concerned to support the Galle people in whatever way they can.

The ECDA President, Mr. Mandy David Abluya who was also part of the celebration, expressed his pleasure with the Galle people as he said: “I am overwhelmed because the turnout of Eggon people for this occasion, shows that the bond of unity in Eggon land is up to 70 percent. Because in a gathering like this, you don’t usually see many prominent people such as this. The turnout is impressive.

“My prayer is that it should be a continuous activity. The more they continue to do this yearly, that will foster the relationship. I am sure when they started, they started with a small number of people but today you can see the large number.”

Earlier in his remarks, the Chairman of ECDA Galle branch, Alhaji Umar Abdullahi Galle appreciated all the guests who have honoured their invitation and supported the Galle Cultural Day since inception.

He said: “This year’s edition is particularly special and monumental given the theme: “celebrating our culture, honouring our heroes and building our future”. We will be recognizing distinguished individuals from Galle as well as our friends and well-wishers who have shown commitment to promoting culture, leadership and development in their various fields.

“More importantly, we will be raising funds for the Galle House and event centre. This was something conceived by our founding fathers. I remember attending a launch organized by ECDA Galle branch in 1988 to build a community hall for the people of Galle. Little did I know then that I would one day lead my people in fundraising for the actualization of that dream.”

In his keynote address at the event, Dr. Vincent Paul of the Nasarawa State University Keffi who spoke on the topic: “How To Preserve And Promote Our Cultural Heritage In The Face Of Globalization And Modernization” lamented that the western culture was having a negative effect on the rich cultural heritage of the Eggon people especially on the younger generation.

He said: “Although we cannot stand in the way of economic and societal changes through globalisation, it should not come at a cost of losing our cultural identity. The statement “the world is a global village” is very common in today’s lingua, but it is important to simply replace our way of life with outside influences, but instead develop a “give” culture, rather than a “take culture”.”

Proffering solution to the problem, Dr. Vincent Paul said: “We should look inward and develop ourselves. The preservation of cultural heritage is crucial, and should be done in association with community development. This is the duty of all members of the Galle Nation. We should all therefore look into ways of ensuring the sustained growth and progress as a people, and work together for the achievement of a great nation.”

The event also featured the presentation of awards to about 16 individuals for their various contributions to the development of the Galle community and the Eggon nation at large.

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