Forthcoming LG Elections: Gov Sule Warns ‘Chop-Chop’ Aspirants To Keep Off

Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi A Sule has warned politicians who were only concerned about their stomach to stay away during the forthcoming Local Government elections and party congresses in the State.

Describing such persons as ‘chop-chop’ aspirants, Engineer Sule said politics is for delivering service to the electorate and not for enriching oneself.

He called on such greedy politicians to always have it in mind that even if they succeed in cheating their people on earth, they will surely have to account for their actions one day before God.

He said: “I am saying this not because of politics but because of the fear of God. We must serve with all honesty.

“We are going into Local Government elections and party congresses very soon. Anyone who knows he will not truly serve the people should not even show interest in contesting. Even you women, if you know you are only coming to chop and chop, please don’t even come.”

He also urged the electorate to do their part by electing credible persons and not get carried away by sentiments.

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