ERCC Warns Pastors’ Wives Against Strange Teachings, Practices, To Sack Husbands Of Such Women

The leadership of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC) has warned wives of clergy serving with the church against what the church considers as strange teachings and practices.

The warning came through the head of the church, the President, Very Rev Dave Denji while speaking at Akwanga during a funeral service on Thursday July 9, 2020.

According to the ERCC President, the church has discovered that some wives of clergy men serving with ERCC have been preaching against wearing of earrings and necklaces, saying that the wearing of such is a sin and would lead wearers of jewellery to hell fire.

According to the ERCC President, inasmuch as the church does not stop any woman from abstaining from wearing of jewellery, the church will however not watch or allow teachings that are strange to the position of the church.

He added that considering the prime and influential position and status of wives of clergy men in the church, such women are likely to plant some beliefs that are against the doctrines of ERCC.

He recounted instances where some of the affected women, who are handling Sunday school, even seized the earrings and necklaces from Sunday school children against the decision of the parents.

According to the President, such wives of the clergy who have been spreading such beliefs recently appeared before the church leadership in invitation for interrogation, adding that the church discovered that husbands of such women have tried to call them to order but that the women are obstinate and apparently do not respect and obey their husbands.

The President said the church leadership feels that if the women have overpowered their husbands, they cannot overpower the church.

Denji then announced the decision of the church to the effect that the church will no longer condone and retain the services of clergy whose wives are into such practices.

He said the affected Reverends will therefore be relieved of their work with the church.

One thought on “ERCC Warns Pastors’ Wives Against Strange Teachings, Practices, To Sack Husbands Of Such Women

  • July 9, 2020 at 11:11 pm

    It is good to give guide to the guider ( teacher of the word). Kudos to the leadership of the Church ERCC.


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