Engineer Sule Charges Political Appointees to key into Government Policies

Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi A. Sule has charged political appointees in the State on the need to key into the policy direction of his administration.

Engineer Sule made the charge while delivering a remark to end the two-day retreat organized for top government functionaries which held at the Kini Country Guest Inn, in Akwanga.

Governor Sule, while appreciating the organizers of the retreat for doing a good job, stressed that the essence of the session was for the political appointees to be on the same page with government.

“It’s an idea some of us had, with our background from the private sector. Whenever you are engaging people to do something new, you have to be on the same page with them.

“That’s the essence of the retreat. Those who came together to organize it have done a very good job,” Engineer Sule said.

He however tasked the participants not to leave what they learnt at the retreat but to take it along with them as they assume their new responsibilities.

According to the Governor, “Once we finish this kind of event, we want to see, what is the take home? Because in most cases, people gather and sit down and discuss and finish then what? That’s the issue.

“A lot of us, maybe going back from here, even if you can give them 10 copies of the communique, they are abandoning everything that they learned. That’s the end of it. I don’t think that is the direction.”

Engineer Sule therefore challenged the appointees to consider the items listed in the communique issued at the end of the retreat and for them to pick one or two items to work on when discharging their responsibilities.

“They have listed about 40 items, please pick one and say I’m going to work on this particular one,” he urged the participants.

Earlier, Chairman of the Communique Drafting Committee, Dr. Ibrahim Othman, said the retreat was organized in order to expose participants to the rudiments of government business in the formulation of policies, implementation of programmes and projects.

As part of the decisions arrived at by participants at the retreat, he called on public and political office holders to remain steadfast, transparent in the conduct of government business, as well as be in touch with grassroots to address crisis.

“The image and actions of government appointees should reflect the vision and mission of government and citizens should be given ownership of mandates matching their peculiar needs to stabilize communities.

“Appointees should be prudent in the utilization of public funds and public and political office holders should be opened to constructive criticism,” part of the 40-point communique reads.

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