Emir Of Lafia Revives Rangadi Tradition

By Matthew Kuju

On Tuesday 16th February, 2021, Barkin Abdullahi, the headquarters of Koro Kuje Chiefdom came alive when the Aren Koro Kuje hosted some high dignitaries led by none other than the Emir of Lafia, who is also the Chairman, Nasarawa State Traditional Council of Chiefs, Honourable Justice Sidi Mohammed Bage 1 (JSC Retired).

The event was a tour by the paramount traditional ruler of Lafia Emirate which covers the entire Lafia Local Government Area comprising Lafia Municipal, Lafia North Development and Lafia East Development Areas.

The tour, is re-enactment of the what used to be known as Rangadi by the traditional rulers in northern Nigeria.

Rangadi was often undertaken by the Emir whereby the Royal father would tour the various villages within his domain in order to familiarize himself with the people, feel the pulse of the people with regards to their pressing needs.

Honourable Justice Sidi Mohammed Bage 1 (JSC Retired), the 17th Emir of Lafia decided to return the rangadi system of visiting the people in their domains.

The Emir of Lafia Discussing With Aren Koro Kuje

That was why he led an entourage to Barkin Abdullahi, the headquarters of Koro Kuje Chiefdom.

According to the Emir while explaining his reason for the tour, his visit to the headquarters of Koron Kuje Chiefdom, Barkin Abdullahi (B.A.D.) was in line with his resolve to revive the age-old tradition of periodic tour of the domain of rulership done by his forefathers.

Present at the occasion were: The Emir f Lafia, HRH Justice Sidi Mohammed Bage 1, the Sarkin Kwandere, Alhaji Ahmadu Al-Makura, the Chairman of Lafia Local Government Council, Hon Aminu Muazu Maifata represented by the Council Secretary, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Lamino, the Overseer of Lafia North Development Area, Hon Suleiman Agyo among others.

Also present were some of the prominent sons and daughter of Koro Kuje Chiefdom.

The occasion took place at the open space opposite the new site of B.A.D. market. And because the occasion took place on a Tuesday, being the market day, there was a large crowd of people who turned out to welcome the Emir of Lafia and his entourage.

In his welcome remarks, the Overseer of Lafia North Development Area, Hon Suleiman Agyo said: “I am highly delighted to witness the home coming of our royal father, the father of Nasarawa State, the Emir of Lafia, Hon Justice Sidi Mohammed Bage. This visit is timely and important because since he ascended the throne of his forefathers as the Emir of Lafia, this is his first outing to tour Lafia Local Government. This visit is one that we need to be happy and rejoice over. The reason is that his first point of call is in Lafia North Development Area and particularly B.A.D. the headquarters of Koro Kuje Chiefdom. It is a thong of delight and we are indeed happy for this visit.

Your Highness, as you have come here, you can see the people of Lafia North in general and B.A.D. in particular are very happy to have you in their domain.

Thank you and may God bless Your Highness.”

After the Overseer, the host Royal Father, the Aren Koro Kuje, His Majesty Chief Sunday Namo JP delivered his welcome remarks thus:

The Aren Koro Kuje Giving Hi Speech

“My Royal Fathers, Hon Justice Sidi Mohammed Bage 1, the Emir of Lafia and Chairman Nasarawa State Council of Chiefs, you are highly welcome to Koro Kuje Chiefdom, precisely to B.A.D. the headquarters. I also welcome my father, Alhaji Dr Ahmadu Al-Makura, the Sarkin Kwandere and Chairman of the Traditional Council of Lafia North Development Area.

I have a welcome address to be delivered which I would have wished to do myself but because of a challenge, it will be delivered on my behalf,

However, allow me to say these few remarks. I want to say something particularly on the Emir of Lafia. Your coming to the throne of Emir of Lafia is no doubt the choice of God. I recall what I said when I came to your palace to present of my sons you honoured, I said if people like us would be allowed to assess, you will emerge as the first among the traditional rulers in Nigeria and I have my reasons. One reason is that in the whole of Nigeria, we have not had a traditional ruler who rose through the ranks in the Judiciary and got to the apex Court in the land, the Supreme Court and became a traditional ruler except Your Highness. You will continue to be our star. I recall that almost immediately I mentioned this in your palace, you went for a meeting in Kaduna and you were made the Chairman of the Committee to work on the role of the traditional rulers to be included in the Constitution of Nigeria.

Your Highness, you are the first to enter Koro Kuje Chiefdom since the creation of the Chiefdom on official visit. I know that our father, the Sangarin Kwandere has come here on several occasions but on private capacity. You are welcome my father.

Mr Matthew Kuju then presented the welcome address of the Aren Koro Kuje

The address went thus:

“Today marks a very important date in the history of this Chiefdom and we shall not forge this day for a very long time to come. This is because the paramount traditional ruler of Lafia Emirate Council and the Chairman Nasarawa State Council of Chiefs has led a high-powered entourage to our Chiefdom. Since the creation of this Chiefdom, this is the first time a traditional ruler and Chairman of the Lafia Emirate would come on visit.

“Your Highness, we do not take this visit for granted, hence the massive crowd that has come out to welcome you. To us, this is more than a visit. A father does not visit his house, he comes home, and a home with a loving father is happy family full of warmth. Your Highness, we welcome you to Barkin Abdullahi (B.A.D.), the headquarters of Koro Kuje Chiefdom.

“Your Highness, we are sorry you have had to endure the nature of road. But Your Highness, who knows, by the reason of your coming and being driven on this road, our tears would be wiped away; our appeal would fall into the right ears.

“Your Highness, allow me to repeat the appeal of my people on this road to be constructed. A good road from Kilema through Shinge to Barkin Abdullahi would be of multiple benefits to the State and Local Governments and the people.

“Your Highness, this Chiefdom, and especially the headquarters of the Chiefdom, lack most social amenities to make life easy. For instance, there is no good hospital within this area, no electricity, and of course very importantly, the issue of the roads.

“Your Highness, I assure you of the total support and unalloyed loyalty of the people of Koro Kuje Chiefdom to the State and Local Governments and to Your Highness. You can always count on us for whatever we are expected to do for overall development. We are solidly behind the administration of Engineer Abdullahi A. Sule as Governor of Nasarawa State for as long as God approves of him to occupy the exalted and no less daunting seat. Indeed, the people of Nasarawa State could not have made a better choice of a Governor.

“Your Highness, your coming to the throne at this time is surely the making of God Almighty.

“Our earnest prayer is that God would grant you the much-needed wisdom and good health to lead the people.

“May I seize this opportunity to appeal to Your Highness to see what remains of the old Market compared to the new market. I dare say that this market is veritable source of revenue to Lafia Local Government. The revenue base of especially the Local Government would sure be enhanced with the God-fearing revenue officers posted there.

“May I conclude these remarks by assuring His Highness of peace in this domain. Barkin Abdullahi is a home to so many ethnic groups of this country who have been living in peace and love with one another. In spite of the devil did some few years ago which negatively affected the peace and development of this Chiefdom, we are still together and by the grace of God, we shall sustain the peace we are renowned for.

“Your Highness, we appreciate this visit. At the end of this visit, as you and your entourage return, may God grant you safety and protection, Amen!”

There was a brief traditional musical interlude by the troupe from Barkin Abdullahi.

The Emir of Lafia Addressing The People

Thereafter the Emir of Lafia and Chairman, Nasarawa State Traditional Council of Chiefs, Hon Justice Sidi Mohammed Bage 1, presented his address in which he stated the essence of the visit.

First, I send warm greetings to the Sarkin Kwandere. We also great our host and who is the reason for our intention to commence the tour we have outlined to embark on throughout our domain from Barkin Abdullahi, that is the Aren Koro Kuje

We also send our warm regards to the Chairman of Lafia Local Government Council who is being represented by the Secretary of the Council as well as the Overseer of Lafia North Development Area. I also greet the numerous illustrious sons and daughters of this Chiefdom, other District and Village Heads and other dignitaries here present.

I welcome you to this town with rich history.

Today is a very significant one to me. Since God brought me to this throne, He has not given me the opportunity to go out to meet our people at the grassroots until today.

We chose to start our tour from this town of rich history and blessings. We did not just take the decision to start from here. It was purposeful. Today is one that the truth should be revealed.

The Aren Koro Kuje is one of immense stature and status before me. God knows what I am about to say and he the Aren Koro Kuje also knows. This story goes back many years when we were still in school, the Aren Koro Kuje played politics with my father who is mow late. They were often together. When I was at the university, whenever I came home, I would see them together. My father would ask me if I knew Sunday and I would say yes because I often saw them together, my father would say I should hold on tight to him because he is your brother. Ever since then, we have been together. Having been blessed from my father, we have held on to that relationship established from the cradle. That was what we were told and handed over to. We were told to hold ourselves firmly. To God be the glory, we (the Arem Koro Kuje and I) have been together up till today.

That was why, when we contemplated the idea of embarking on this tour (rangadi), by the authority vested on us, we said we would not start from anywhere but Barkin Abdullahi. We would come to see him and the people and also see how he has been carrying on with the rulership over his people. Thank God we have come and seen. Right from when we stepped into his domain, we have seen a land full of blessing. Our prayer is that may God further bless this land. We are indeed full of joy having come to this land.

One of the reasons for this tour is to se how we can ensure greater peaceful coexistence among the people of this land at large. Since our coming to the throne, which is about two years now, by the grace of God, we have enjoyed peace, because since our coming in, there has not been any moment of crisis anywhere within the domain. This is not our making but the will of God Almighty! Anyone who listened to the speech I delivered when the then Governor, Umaru Tanko Al-Makura gave us the mantle of leadership. I said we shall endeavour to bring our people together. By the will of God, all of us in this land are brothers and sisters of one another. People often forget that even this gathering we are having now, it is impossible to say this is someone’s father or mother who is not related to that person or the other. If a father hails from here, you would find the mother hails from there. God does not make mistakes when he makes people from different linages coming together to form a family. This is to tell us about relatedness or affinity, I said at the occasion tat we all in this domain must see and relate with ourselves as brothers and sisters. Therefore, we must live together as one’ God has not made a mistake by putting together in this place. That is the destiny He has set for us.

The Emir of Lafia Being Flanked By the Sarkin Kwandere (Left) and Aren Koro Kuje

The Chairman of Lafia Local Government Council, Hon Aminu Muazu Maifata spoke through the Secretary of the Council, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Lamino who said: “Lafia Local Government Council was part of the entourage of the Emir to the place today because we are obedient servants of the people.

“Secondly, as a Council, we are always desirous of peace in the and we work towards ensuring that peace is sustained in the land.

“Thanks be to God, the Emir has taken a landmark decision to ensure peace is maintained in land. The position taken by the Emir would settle once and for all that rift between the then District Head and the Aren Koro Kuje. We pray for more divine grace upon the Emir, because whoever brings peace to a people has a special blessing from God.

“Every time, the Local Government Council wants to see people stay together in peace. If there is no peace, even what we are doing today would not have been possible. There are many tribal or ethnic groups that lined up along the road to welcome the Emir and his entourage to B.A.D. that in itself speaks volumes. It shows clearly that there is peace and togetherness among the people.

“We wish the Aren Koro Kuje greater grace and I reiterate the call on him to embrace everyone within his domain and be patient with the people. Whoever is the leader is the servant of the people; he is to serve the people and not the other way round. In life, you would always have those who love you and those who don’t. even the Prophets also suffered the same fate. The Holy Bible and Glorious Quran both have spoken about these.

“Therefore, I charge us to obey and respect our leaders. Whoever obeys a leader obeys God and whosoever says he will not follow anyone may wake up and see nobody behind him.”

The Sarkin Kwandere, Alhaji Ahmadu Al-Makura, also gave a goodwill message at the occasion.

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