Eggon Land Is Home To Igbos, We Are Comfortable In Eggon Land – Igbo Leader

Eggon land has been very accommodating to the Igbo people, hence the Igbo are quite comfortable settling in any part of Eggon land.

This was the disclosure of the leader of the Igbo in Eggon land, Chief Amaechi Stephen Onu when he spoke at an occasion of Eggon stakeholders at the palace of the Aren Eggon, Nassarawa Eggon.

The meeting had in attendance the representative of the Aren Eggon, Chief Dr James Angbazo who holds the title of Dangaladiman Eggon and Hon Justice Ahmed Yakubu Ubangari, one-time Chief Judge of Nasarawa State who is the Wazirin Eggon and the Acting Chairman of Eggon Council of Elders.

Cross Section Of District and Village Heads In Nassarawa Eggon Local Government Area At The Palace

The Wazirin Eggon chaired the occasion. Also present was the Makaman Eggon, Alhaji Halilu Envulu-Anza.

Also present were District and Village Heads from all over Nassarawa Eggon Local Government Area (including Akun and Agidi Development Areas).

Representatives of Igbo, Yoruba, Tiv and Fulani ethnic groups were also in attendance.

The meeting was at the instance of the Eggon Re-Union And Development Committee.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chairman of the Eggon Re-Union Committee, Prof U D Mohammed explained the essence and focus of the Committee which he said was out to sample the opinions and feelings of the average Eggon person on the present position of the Eggon people, which he said was far removed from where they should be and how they can attain the level in the nearest future.

In his welcome remarks, the Wazirin Eggon and chairman of the seating, Hon Justice Ahmed Ubangari, appreciated the Committee for what he described as foresight and sacrifices by the Committee,

Several persons spoke on the problems bedevilling the Eggon nation and the way forward.

At the occasion, the Igbo leader, the Igbo leader was asked to speak on behalf of the other tribal communities residing in Eggon land.

Chief Amaechi Stephen Onu spoke thus:

“I appreciate this golden opportunity given to me to speak on behalf of other tribes in Nassarawa Eggon LGA. It is a big honour done to me to be in the midst of leaders and elders of Eggon land.

“I grew up here in Eggon land. Our parents came here when they were young. They grew up here and gave birth to us here. Here we are now among the leaders.

“All my years have been lived here in Eggon land. I have never seen or been confronted with any situation where the Eggon people and their leaders ever shown bias or segregation against non-indigenes; I have never witnessed any differences shown when it comes to development and progress. Rather, when it comes to such things, the Eggon leaders endeavour to draw and include everyone.

“This I have been noticing right from when our leader who has been knocked down by sickness and has been taken to the village was here. Often whenever he was invited for any such activities, he would go along with some of us.

“I wish to state that the love and understanding you people have been showing to the different tribal communities residing in Nassarawa Eggon LGA to see that we are carried along in all developmental activities, these have given us a deep sense of belonging and confidence that we have been fully accepted and integrated in the community. I pray that this spirit if sustained.

“I should add tat there has never been a time we approached the Eggon leaders with whatever challenges we have and we have been left unattended to. At every given point in time when we have any difficulties or challenges and we bring to your notice, without any delay, we are often attended to. This is to us a great show or expression of love and acceptance. You have shown that you wish to see that there is peace, progress and development in the land.

“It is against such show of love and acceptance exhibited to the Igbo people that, whereas in many years past, the population of Igbo was not much, but for quite some years now, the population has been steadily increasing. The warm reception and integration accorded the Igbo people have got to the ears of other Igbo people elsewhere and got more Igbo people attracted to come and settle in any part of Nassarawa Eggon LGA of their choice.

“That is why there is a large community of Igbo people here in Nassarawa Eggon LGA. Because of the love and respect shown to us, whenever our Igbo brother tell their kith and kin back home, they come here to settle. When they come and seek land to build their houses, they are given without hindrance; the Igbo people are comfortable here in Eggon land. I must say there is peace, love, wealth here in Nassarawa Eggon LGA.

“That is what the average Igbo man desires, and I believe that is what any sane person should desire. We have enjoyed tremendous progress and blessings in Eggon land. None of us has ever contemplated leaving Eggon land. Rather than leave, we call on other Igbo people to come and make Nassarawa Eggon their home.

“Come to think of it, whenever we seek admission and we approach the relevant persons here, we are never denied admission into schools. There many Igbo sons and daughters who have gained admission to institutions of higher learning. Some have completed their studies and working while some are still in school.

“I have a brother who is a Pharmacist thanks to the admission he secured because of the selflessness of the Eggon people. We have never been discriminated against here in Eggon land.

“I must mention the name of Prof U D Mohammed, the Walin Eggon, who has been of tremendous assistance to our Igbo sons and daughters who are residing in Eggon land whenever we go seeking admission in University of Abuja where he is working. We have been hearing of the good work he has been doing there. That is the spirit of the Eggon man.

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