ECDA Elections: 35 Candidates In Contest For 10 Positions, Five Disqualified

A total of 35 eminent individuals have emerged as candidates for elections into the National Executive Council of the Eggon Cultural and Development Association (ECDA) come Saturday November 27, 2021.

Speaking to Eggonnews, Danladi Suleiman Gyabo and Barr. Ayuba Ezekiel Enjugu who are the Chairman and Secretary respectively of the Electoral Committee disclosed that their committee has done a thorough job in the sales of forms to aspirants, screening and verifying information provided by them which led to the emergence of 35 candidates and the disqualification of five.

Talking about the activities of the electoral committee, the secretary, Barr Ayuba Ezekiel Enjugu said: “We are set for the elections. We are just going to release the names of those who are qualified. We are preparing the ballot papers for elections on that day.

“On that day, there will be presentation of manifestoes by each candidate. In fact, we have already consulted most of them. We want to reach a peace accord between all of them before the elections because we don’t want to have problem with any candidate. We don’t want to have problem with anybody that is why we called them so that we will fix a date within this week.

“We have promised within ourselves the electoral committee that we are going to conduct free, fair and credible elections for the ECDA so that we will be commended for a wonderful job.

“We disqualified some of the candidates. We have to make it clear. This is the constitution of the association and then we have our guidelines. If you are not qualified, we cannot say you should go and contest elections. Others will look at it and it can give rise to petitions later that we allowed people that were not qualified to contest. This is the constitution. They know it. We gave every candidate the guideline. They have the constitution.

“For instance, for you to contest for the position of the Treasurer, you must have at least 10 years accounting experience based on the constitution. Maybe someone read Business Administration. That is not Accounting. It is different from Business Administration. The law says you must have read Accounting and must have been practising it. It is just like with the lawyer. If you want to become a High Court Judge today or the Attorney-General of a State, you must have experience of at least 10 years no matter how brilliant you are.

“In view of this, we said if you are not qualified, we cannot screen you. Whether you came from the same womb with us, we said we are going to do a transparent job.”

Giving further details about the screening of the candidates, chairman of the electoral committee, Danladi Suleiman Gyabo said: “We have three contestants for the position of President. All the three were cleared.

“We have three for Vice President and two were cleared while one was not cleared because of his qualifications. The constitution says you must have a Degree or HND and he only has ND.

“For the position of Secretary, we have three contestants and all of them cleared. For Assistant Secretary, we have four and all of them were cleared

“For Financial Secretary there were four but only two were cleared. One of those disqualified is an academic doctor. He has PhD in Economics Education. This is not Accounting. During our interview he said that Economics is the mother of Accounting. We said that may be true but the constitution says that you must be a graduate of Accounting.

“The other disqualified person is a graduate of Business Administration. He is a member of ANAN but he doesn’t have experience in Accounting because he did not work in an accounts department. During our screening he did not show any evidence that showed that he has worked as an accountant. That was during our screening. I don’t know maybe when we publish the names he may say he has this and that. We don’t know.

“For the position of Treasurer, all of them are cleared.

“For Social and Cultural Officer, we have eight and seven of them were cleared. One did not attend the screening.

“For the position of Provost Marshall, we have nine and only eight of them are cleared. One of them did not have the branch certificate because part of the requirements is that you must have the branch certificate to show whether the branch you come from is affiliated to the national body or not. If you are not affiliated to the national body, you are not qualified.

“For Auditor we have two and all of them are cleared.

“For PRO we have two and all of them are cleared.

“Those that are not qualified have the right to appeal. They will appeal to the committee and if they have a genuine case, we consider it. And if they don’t have, that is all.

“This is the Constitution of the Eggon Cultural and Development Association as amended and I promise on behalf of my committee that we will go strictly according to the rules of the game. Thank God, even our guidelines, we picked directly from the constitution. We did not add anything.”

The electoral committee chairman then stated that all delegates to the elections have been adequately informed of the guidelines and procedure for the elections come Saturday and the committee is expecting a hitch-free event.

Below is the list of candidates that scaled through the screening process by the electoral committee and are set to appear on the ballot paper come Saturday November 27, 2021:

S/N                  NAMES                                    POSITION                        QUALIFICATION


  1. Enoch Ali Maku             President                                BA(History Edu)
  2. Alaku Ayiwulu Wilberforce (JP)           President                                sc (THEO)
  3. Mandy David Abuluya President                                sc(Acct)
  4. Anzaku Army Dannis V/ President                          MSC(Econ/MBA)
  5. Haruna Mohammed Arugbadu V/ President                          (Nurses)
  6. Tanko Muhammed Salihu Secretary                       HND/PGD (BAM)
  7. Tsaku John Ajegena                              Secretary                       PhD Pub. Admin
  8. Allu Chiristopher Secretary             
  9. John Barnabas Anvar Gen. Secretary    PGD
  10. Wasika Mohammed Ahmed Gen. Secretary             HND
  11. Bawa Johnathan Anzaiga                     Gen. Secretary             PGDE/Edu
  12. Ablaku Samuel Anzaku Gen. Secretary             BED/Edu/ Adm.b
  13. Emmanuel Akyengo Augustine Financial Secretary                sc Edu/Acct
  14. Haruna Adigiz John                         Financial Secretary                HND
  15. Ewuga Godwin Bala Treasurer                                HND Acct
  16. Barnaba Doma Maga Social &Cultural Officer        ND
  17. Umar Ado Social &Cultural Officer        BA Theatre Arts
  18. John Ali U Social &Cultural Officer        A History
  19. Gomna Andrew Akolo Social &Cultural Officer        HND(BAm)
  20. Yakubu Ajen Ayaka Social &Cultural Officer        Edu History
  21. Danlami Alade                                       Social &Cultural Officer        HND BAM
  22. Adamu Musa Angba Social &Cultural Officer        SSCE
  23. Ahmed Mohammed Provost                                   NCE
  24. Agu Baba Titu Provost                                   SSCE
  25. Edzi Garba Aku’Adne                            Provost                                   Chew
  26. Abashi Anzaku Aboki Provost                                   BA(Theatre) Arts
  27. John Angbasim Provost                                   BA Eng
  28. Sunday Anyu Jatau Provost                                   NCE
  29. Yuga Alhuhu Bitrus Provost                                   SSCE
  30. Allu Danlami Abubakar Provost
  31. Paul Iliya Anza Provost                                   ND BAM
  32. Ejah Usman Audu Auditor                                   sc Acct
  33. Emmanuel Edro Akwanga Auditor                                   SC Acct
  34. Abimiku John (Ph.D) R.O                                       Ph.D
  35. Abdullahi Umar Galle R.O                                       M.Sc Mass

Those disqualified are:

  1. Adamu A. Kasimu             VICE PRESIDENT
  2. Dr Allahnana Kwanza Maikudi             FINANCIAL SECRETARY
  3. Arigu Organizer Embugushiki jp             FINANCIAL SECRETARY
  4. Ayuba Akyen Angbas TREASURER
  5. Audu Danlami Umbugaku                       SOCIAL AND CULTURAL OFFICER

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    Praying for success for the ECDA election.


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