Dangaladiman Eggon Donates Motorcycles to 22 Village Heads

Bids Eggon Traditional Council To Accord Total Allegiance To New Aren Eggon

One of the front-line contestants to the stool of the Aren Eggon, Dr James Angbazo, has enjoined the Traditional Council of Eggon, comprising all Village Heads, District Heads, and others to accord total loyalty and allegiance to the new Aren Eggon, His Majesty, Justice Ahmed Ubangari (Rtd).

Dr. James Angbazo, who holds the traditional tile of Dangaladiman Eggon, made the appeal recently at his residence when he hosted the Wakilai of the 22 Village Areas that make up the gazetted College of Selectors (kingmakers) of the Aren Eggon.

The occasion was to fulfill an earlier pledge he made to provide each of them with means of transportation.

Eggonnews observed that all but one of the Village Areas were in attendance.

Also in attendance were some dignitaries and community leaders, amongst whom were: The District Head of Wakama, Hon Adams Makka Nangba, the Barden Eggon, Mr. Paul Angbazo, the Shettiman Eggon, Mr. James Anvah, the Ashesesla mo Eggon and one-time Commissioner for Women Affairs, Hon Mrs. Eunice Asheolege Kigbu, one-time Chairman of Nassarawa Eggon Local Government Area, Comrade Esla Ashenanye and one-time Director of Personnel Management (DPM), Mr. Jesse William Embu.

Also present were some holders of Eggon Traditional Titles and the leaders of Igbo and Alago communities residing in Nassarawa Eggon Local Government Area, other traditional title holders

While addressing the beneficiaries of the gesture, the donor (Dr. James Angbazo), said he had long had it in mind to ease the movements of the leaders of the various village areas, recalling that while his father was on the throne, he observed that many of them had difficulties in transporting them to and from engagements in the palace.

He recalled the sustained effort his father, made to have them confirmed as substantive Village Heads but did not succeed, adding that if his effort had paid off, they would have been the ones to have recently selected the Aren Eggon following the passage of the Aren Eggon, but, he said: “Unfortunately, only three among you formed the college of selectors. In any case, those three did the selection on your behalf.

The donor and the beneficiaries

“I, therefore, commend the rest of you for the sense of maturity and discipline you exhibited over the recent development.

“Long before the present time, I had purposed it in my heart that if God gave me the resources, I would provide means of transportation to the 22 kingmakers of Aren Eggon so that whenever the Aren Eggon calls you for one engagement or the other, there should be a complaint about the difficulty in movement.”

Referring to the selection that took place, the Dangaladima stressed, that, “On the selection that took place, before God, all that took place is correct and He so approved. I appeal to you all to accord the new Aren Eggon total loyalty just as you did to my father when he was on the throne. Since the State Government declared a person as Aren Eggon, please, give him 100% loyalty and obedience. God knows everything that took place. If God did not approve, nothing that took place would have happened. Nobody should go about town saying that James Angbazo was denied the stool. I trust that if it was the will of God, nobody would have denied me.

“There can never be two or more Aren Eggon on the throne at a time. And since God pronounced who should be the new Aren Eggon, we should all accept him and accord him all the regard deserving of the throne.

“While my father was alive and on the throne, we had a good relationship. I would plead that that relationship should be sustained. Our doors are always wide open to welcome you any day anytime.

“The gift of these motorcycles is also a means of appreciating all of you for the contributions you made while my father was on the throne. I also believe that you all prayed for me, and God answered your prayers in His own way, and which is good in our sight. As the scriptures say, whatever you pray for expecting God to grant you, if God sees that that thing you are asking for will not be good for you, He will not grant it to you.”

He appealed to the beneficiaries to make good use of the motorcycles, even as he appealed to them not to sell it and add more wives even as he appreciated them for answering his invitation.

On behalf of the beneficiaries, the acting Village Head of Agunji profusely thanked the donor, the Dangaladiman Eggon, Dr James Angbazo for the kind gesture.

He said it was unprecedented that a person who though was not successful in a contest, would still return to appreciate the selectors the way Dangaladiman Eggon did.

He applauded the Dangaladima for accepting the verdict and for leading other members of the Angbazo family to pay homage on the new Aren Eggon.

He expressed the gratitude of all the 22 kingmakers for the gesture and promised to make good use of the motorcycles, praying for the continued protection over the family members of the late Aren Eggon, Dr Bala Abaine Angbazo.

He averred that God had a purpose for not choosing the Dangaladima as Aren Eggon, thrusting that God has other good plans for him as an alternative.

Also speaking at the occasion, the District Head of Wakama, Chief Adams Makka Nangba appreciated the Dangaladiman Eggon for the good heart and kind gesture and prayed God would reward him abundantly.

He further appealed to the beneficiaries to make good use of the motorcycles for the good (peace, progress and development) of Eggon land.

He stressed that when God closes a door to someone, He opens several more doors to him, thereby encouraging the Dangaladima to accept what happened in good faith and should trust God for what He will do for him in future.

Major highlight of the occasion was the formal handing over of the motorcycles to the beneficiaries by the donor, the Dangaladiman Eggon, Dr James Angbazo, assisted by his wife, the District Head of Wakama, Barden Eggon and the Chief Imam of Nassarawa Eggon.

Prayers were offered by the Chief Imam of Nassarawa Eggon and the resident Pastor in the palace of Aren Eggon.

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