COVID 19: LG Boss Advocates Aggressive Farming To Forestall Food Crisis

The Chairman of Nassarawa Eggon Local Government, Hon Danlami Idris Mohammed has lamented the spate at which the COVID-19 is spreading across the states in Nigeria, saying if nothing is done to urgently curb the trend, the country could find itself in a very ugly position.

The Council Chairman, who stated this while speaking with newsmen said, should the federal and state governments’ stay-at-home directive persist any longer, it would have an adverse effect on the fast approaching cropping season.

He therefore suggested that people, especially those in the rural areas be allowed to engage in farming activities without any restrictions.

Hon Mohammed noted that the rising cases of coronavirus are already affecting the economy and the wage bill of Local Governments, saying there is every need for the people to go back to farm.

“As it is now, farming is the only option for the people. And if they will be restricted from going to their farms, then the hunger that will strike in the coming months will be worse than the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Aside from this, the country as a whole might experience hunger crisis and hike in prices of food crops due to the cases of Coronavirus.

“So, I am advocating that government should encourage the people for aggressive and robust farming activities that will ensure sufficient food and food security for the country”, Hon Danlami Idris Mohammed explained.

According to the council boss, diversifying the country’s economy at this time is very important to cushion the challenges that will befall the people after the COVID-19 pandemic would have ended.

Mohammed, who commended Governor Abdullahi Sule for being proactive in introducing measures to control the spread of the COVID-19, called on the people of his locality to embrace farming activities with all seriousness in order to soften the impending danger.


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