Communities Along Idadu-Agbashi Road Commend Governor Sule As Road Construction Reaches Advanced Stage

Communities along the Idadu-Agbashi road in Ekye Development Area of Nasarawa State have commended Governor Abdullahi Sule as the construction work being done on the road has reached an advanced stage.

Speaking with journalists who were on a tour of projects being done by the Nasarawa State Government in the southern senatorial zone, the residents described Governor Abdullahi Sule as God-sent because the road had become unusable when he came to their rescue by awarding the contract.

According to Abogye Matthew, a resident of Agbashi, even in its incomplete state, the road is in a far better condition than it was some months back.

He prayed that the government will have more resources so that it will complete the road and do even more projects for the good of the people.

For Ahmadu Mohammed who is a farmer, the construction of the Idadu-Agbashi road makes it easier and cheaper for farmers like him to transport their produce from the farm to the market.

Ahmadu Mohammed, a farmer from Agbashi

He said: “The way the road was before, any time it rains, we would be worried about how we would pass but now with the way it is, no one is worried. You can get to your destination in no time.

“As a farmer, it will now be easier and cheaper to bring my produce from the farm to the market. Even herders will now find it easier to transport their cattle to the market.”

Engineer Musa T Mohammed, a site engineer with Road and Bridges (R & B) International Ltd., the firm handling the contract, told the press that they were doing their best to see that the work is completed at the stipulated December 2022 deadline.

Engr Musa T Mohammed, Site Engineer R & B

Speaking on the ongoing work, the site engineer said: “The work officially started in January and we have achieved a lot. I am saying a lot because the earth work has reached 17km already but the final level has reached up to 10km.

“We have done some hydraulic structures for the passage of water. That is what we are still doing. If you go there now, you will see that the earth work is still moving and the team for hydraulic structures are still doing their work.”

Recall that on Friday December 31, 2021, Governor Abdullahi Sule flagged off the construction of the 24km road at the cost of 3.2 billion naira. The project was to be completed within 12 months.

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