Citizens Bearing Arms Not Solution To Insecurity

Nigerian citizens bearing arms to protect themselves will not be a solution to the country’s increasing security challenges.

This was the position taken by resource persons at a webinar organized by the Search For Common Ground on the topic: “COVID19: Uniting (Fragile) Communities Amidst Security And Economic Realities”.

In her submission, Cynthia Mbamalu one of the the resource persons who is also Director of Programs at YIAGA Africa said Nigeria as a country does not have the required legal framework to regulate the possession of arms by private citizens.

She said even developed countries such as the United States and United Kingdom are struggling with gun control and are trying to return to the drawing board to see how to regulate it.

She however posited that if the security agencies in the country were working efficiently, there would not have been discussions around private citizens bearing arms.

Agreeing with her position, another resource person on the webinar and a peace and conflict resolution expert, Mr Chrisantus Lapang said instead of Nigeria to be talking about the possession of arms by private citizens, the discussion should be more around ways to strengthen the security apparatus in the country, accountability from government authorities and also members of the community.

He said: “The problems of insecurity we are having are as a result of hunger and injustice in the land. If such issues are not addressed, it does not matter how much arms are made available, the problem will still persist and even get worse.”

They both called on citizens to be alive to their responsibilities by being their brother’s keepers and being vigilant to report any suspicious persons or activities within their vicinities.

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