Barr Luka Masin To Launch Two Books

Arrangements have reached advance stages for the public presentation of two books authored by Barrister Luka A. Masin.

For readers of Eggonnews Community Newspaper, the author of the books, Barrister Masin is famous because of the column he has maintained in the newspaper where he writes in Eggon language. He is the Administrator/Coordinator of Eggon Bible Translation Project.

A prolific writer, Barrister Masin has authored some books which are essentially to educate the people on the language as well as the culture of the Eggon people.

In his effort to advance the teaching and learning of Eggon language, he has done some work on a book titled: The Orthography Of Eggon Language.

Commenting on the book, the author said: “The book explains how Eggon language is made up of. One part is the Eggon alphabets, words, vocabulary and the smallest units of language.

“The other main part is the grammar, the rules which show you how the words fit correctly together in a sentence.

“The book will be a boom that will take care of the different dialectal usages in Eggon writing system.”

The second book, titled: How To Accomplish The Perfect Plans Of God For Your Life, according to the author, is “an answered prayer to the yearnings for gospel truth and desire for personal interactive relationship between God and man as it were in the Garden of Eden, the purpose of life and how to accomplish the plans of God while on the earth.”

Everything being equal, the public presentation of the books will take place on Saturday October 12, 2019. The venue of the occasion is at Nurses’ House, near Lafia City Stadium, Bukan Sidi, Lafia.

According to the organisers of the occasion, the Chairman of the occasion will be Ahaji Umar Abdulahi Galleand Chairlady will be Dr Mrs Janet Angbazo while the special guest will be Hon Dr Joseph Haruna Kigbu, the Book Reviewer will be Rev Dr Theophilus John Angbashim of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi and the Chief Presenter will be Comrade Isaac Kigbu.

The Father and Mother of the day will be Pastor Wilberforce Alaku (President, ECDA) and Mrs. Rose Aminu Attah (President, ECDA Women Wing), while the Aren and Aren Kuje will be the royal fathers of the day.

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  • October 5, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    Long live Eggonnews paper. God bless the most reliable newspaper


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