Aren Egon: ECDA President, Others Congratulate New Traditional Ruler

The President of the Eggon Cultural and Development Association (ECDA), Mandy David Abluya, has congratulated Justice Ahmed Ubangari (Rtd) over his emergence as Aren Eggon and paramount ruler of the Eggon people.

The ECDA President along with some other officials of the association, were among the multitude of persons who trooped into the residence of the new Aren Eggon in Lafia today (Saturday May 6, 2023) to felicitate with him.

Mr. Abluya said the Eggon Cultural and Development Association has no doubt about the capacity and capabilities of Justice Ahmed Ubangari (Rtd) saying the ECDA is very happy that the Eggon people finally have a monarch after waiting for almost a year.

The ECDA President, Mandy David Abluya paying homage to the new Aren Eggon

“We are very happy because you know it has been long that we don’t have Aren Eggon. We had but sickness attacked him and he had been down until when God finally called him last year July. And from July to yesterday, we know how ECDA suffered because the Grand Patron of ECDA was not alive. We are happy today because we have gotten one.”

He also called on all Eggon sons and daughters to rally round the new king as he ascends the throne.

“The Eggon nation generally, we have been clamouring for Aren Eggon. Now that we have one, whatever complaint or problem you have, channel it to him. Thank God he was the Chief Judge of this State and today he is the Aren Eggon. He knows the law and whatever is there. So, whatever the problem of Eggon, bring it on now because we have somebody on seat. Don’t hide it and be grumbling all over the place. Bring it, let us solve the problem. This is the time for us to unite even better than before.”

The ECDA President also called on those who contested and lost, to shelve whatever ill feelings they may have and join hands with the new Aren in order to move the Eggon nation further.

Eggonnews observed that while Anzalu dancers were dancing in the compound, different groups of people were going into the living room of the new Aren Eggon to pay homage and pledge allegiance to his throne.

Anzalu dancers at the residence of the new Aren

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