Aren Eggon Pegs N5,000 As Maximum Bride Price, Four Basins Of Ebyekpyen For Eggon Ladies

The Aren Eggon, HRH Justice Ahmed Ubangari Alaku (Rtd), has pegged N5,000 as bride price with four basins of Ebyekpyen and some other items as the maximum requirements to be met by the groom in order to marry an Eggon lady.

The Aren Eggon who is the paramount ruler of Eggon people worldwide, made the pronouncement today (Saturday, May 25, 2024) at his palace in Nassarawa Eggon Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

The royal father explained that the action is in response to the outcry from many quarters, complaining about the exorbitant requirements often placed on young men intending to marry Eggon ladies.

L-R: ECDA President, ECDA Women President, Eggon Youth Wing President

He said: “We thank Almighty God for what has happened today about these two events; the issue of bride price in Eggon land and the little crises that has affected our growing children. These two issues have been pending for a long time and I am particularly happy that what has been bothering our local communities has come, particularly the issue of bride price in Eggon land. And I am sure you have seen the reaction from the crowd.

“It is an issue that has been affecting the youth, both the female and male alike. You see them littering around because they cannot pay the dowries. So exorbitant. During our days, if I should tell you how much I paid my father in-law, you will be shocked.

Some Eggon women celebrating the news at the palace of Aren Eggon

“And we don’t want these children to remain at home. Let them marry in good time so they can bring children in good time. It is not good to wait till when you are 50 (years old) before you get married and he starts producing children. By the time these children are growing, he is also getting older. The training will not be there. I think that is the essence of what we have done. Train these children in good time so they can become good citizens.

“I told them I have done my own. What is left is for the parents of the children. If they go by this, the happier the lots of all of us. If they refuse it, the children will remain at home with them, which is the problem we are trying to avoid. I am now using this opportunity to call on to them to abide by this conventional agreement which has been reached this morning so that it becomes something for the good of Eggon land.”

Earlier while presenting the details of the report by the committee that worked on the review of the bride price, the District Head of Wakama, Chief Adams Makka Nangba said: “In view of this, the high cost of the bride price – the monetary aspect of it – we resolved that bride price should not be more than N5,000. You must not collect up to that amount. You can decide to collect 500 or 1,000 but you cannot collect more than 5,000 as bride price in Eggon nation with effect from today.

“The other items have also been drastically reduced. Before now, you can hear that some people collecting up to 15, 12 or 8 basins of Ebyekpyen. Now that will be only four basins and that is because there are segments. The father, the mother, the bride herself and the uncles are the people who are now entitled to a basin each.

“Even the chicken which you hear that some people request for up 25 chickens, today we have said it should not be more than five.

“And before now too, they could request for two bags of guinea corn and a who goat in each basin of Ebyekpen. But today it is only two goats that will be slaughtered and prepared along with the beans and one live goat to signify our culture.

“Even the drinks have been reduced to one crate of soft drinks and one crate of beer in cases where the family accepts alcohol. Where alcohol is not accepted, two crates of soft drinks will be accepted. It is just for symbolic purposes.

“Pigs are not part of the tradition of Eggon people. It is just that people have felt as to collect pigs. It is goat that we know as part of our tradition. Even if you commit an offence in Eggon nation, it is goat that you will bring.”

However, a look at the committee report reveals that a total of eighty six thousand naira (N86,000) will be paid under various sub-headings along four and half (4.5) basins of Ebyekpyen, with nine (9) crates of soft drinks, five (5) cartons of beer (this could be replaced with crates of soft drinks) and a total of three goats (two to be cooked and one to be presented alive.

Other items in the report are nine (9) chickens, a total of eight (8) liters of palm oil (four to be used to prepare the Ebyekpyen), one bag of guinea corn, two basins of corn flour, one ‘pick-up’ truck of firewood, four measures of beniseed (to be used in preparing the Ebyekpyen), three packets of seasoning cubes, 30 pieces of dadawa, four measures of dry okro, two packets of salt, a small basket of onions and a small carton of dry fish.

On the crisis that has engulfed Eggon youths, the Aren Eggon, HRH Justice Ahmed Ubangari Alaku (Rtd), in his pronouncement at the event, re-affirmed the proscription of the Eggon Youth Movement (EYM) and recognition of Eggon Youth Wing (EYW) by the palace.

The Aren Eggon however directed the expansion of the current positions in the executive of EYW to accommodate four members from the proscribed EYM to become: Vice President 1, Treasurer, PRO 1 and Director of Social and Culture 1. He set June 8, 2024 as the date for the inauguration of the newly expanded executives of EYW.

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