All Is Set For 2019 Eggon Carnival!

The 2019 Eggon Carnival preparations are on top gear as all sub-committees are working assiduously towards delivering their tasks.

Ame Wo Ba Eggon Members when they embarked on a hike to the Eggon Hills recently

According to the President of Ame Wo Ba Eggon, organisers of the annual carnival, Comrade Isaac Usman Anzaku, as part of the Pre-carnival activities, there were was Jummat Prayers in designated mosques at Nassarawa Eggon and Lafia on Friday December 20, 2019. Christian prayers were also observed on Sunday 22nd December at designated Churches in Nassarawa Eggon and Lafia.

Some of the activities during the 2018 Carnival Gala Night

Comrade Anzaku further said that there was what was tagged hiking to the historic Eggon Hills on Friday 20th December 2019, which saw an unprecedented turnout of Eggon sons and daughters. The journey to the hills was adventurous as people chanted songs and chatted as they walked along the hilly paths.

At the hills there were storytelling, quiz and historical facts were shared, which continued late into the night. Bon fire was lit to give warmth.

The carnival proper is scheduled for 26th-28th December, 2019 at Eggon Community Secondary School Nasarawa Eggon.

Later in the evening of 26th December is the gala night and pageantry at the Lafia City Hall.

As usual, the carnival is not limited to Eggon alone; hence traditional dancers from other tribal organizations have been invited to participate in the procession from the palace of the Aren Eggon to Eggon Community Secondary School where activities for 2019 will climax.

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