2023 General Elections: ECDA To Sanction Any Eggon Politician That Encourages Thuggery

The Eggon Cultural and Development Association (ECDA) has said it will sanction any Eggon politician that makes use of or encourages thuggery during the forthcoming general elections.

Speaking to pressmen on the sidelines of an event recently, the President of ECDA, Mandy David Abluya said the ECDA as umbrella body of the Eggon people worldwide has taken the stand to ensure that lives and properties are not lost in Eggon land before, during and after the general elections.

He disclosed that ECDA had met with the Eggon politicians who are candidates of various political parties and made them commit to a peace accord that ensures that they and their supporters will conduct themselves in a peaceful manner throughout the electioneering period.

He assured that ECDA will not shy away from wielding the big stick against any politician who violates the terms of the peace accord.

On the position of the Eggon people in the forthcoming elections, the ECDA President said: “Eggon have already decided. They know who they are going to choose on Election Day. It is not something I am going to mention here.”

He however encouraged the Eggon people to vote for credible candidates irrespective of their political parties.

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