2023: A Call for Wisdom

Allu Christopher
ECDA General Secretary

Good evening Eggon descendants. Hoping you are doing well in your various areas of endeavours. We give God the glory and honour.

As a patriotic Eggon citizen I’m worried that each time we approach election period we are so emotional about it both  in words and actions , especially when it comes to the issue of governorship. Most at times there are strong and sharp divisions amongst ourselves about who to go for us. And up till now we have not been able to come out as a people with a united front on how to actualize our dreams and aspirations. I’m not a partisan politician but I think we talk too much and act less. This has always made us vulnerable to our opponents who capitalize on our weaknesses having known our secrets. And they get the secret information about us from our people at no cost.

1. Let’s redefine our interest in the state- what do we want? When? How? Who is to go for us and why him or her? It has to be a collective project irrespective of our political affiliations. We have a common goal and interest though being pursued through different political parties.

2. We should forgive ourselves of past mistakes. Backstabbing ourselves in the name of politics cannot lead us anywhere. To err is human but to forgive is divine. Forgiveness is key to our success politically.Forgiveness heal wounds and unite a people.

3. We should adopt in practical terms the ideology of oneness with emphasis on “we” and not  “I”. We must embrace this paradigm shift if we have to make any significant progress in the state as a people. The era of “me” or “I” is gone. We are stronger together.

4. Let’s isolate political supporters from the Eggon community as a whole. Giving a tribal identity to a political party may not be wise enough. For instance, Eggon movement or Eggon support group for- APC, PDP, APGA,  etc doesn’t present us as a nation in good light. Let’s keep our various  political permutations to ourselves. And it’s quite wrong for the supporters of a political party to speak for and on behalf of Eggon nation when they have not been assigned to do so by the relevant authority in the land.  Let’s not desecrate the authority in Eggon land because of our political ambitions.

5. We can make it if only we are willing and obedient. God is interested in our project. Let there be no in-house fighting and character assassination. Power comes from God and he gives it to whosoever he pleases. There should be a deliberate effort by our political class to support whosoever emerges at the primary election. And this must be done without bitterness or hatred. We all have a common ancestor.

6. Overcome pride: The scriptures say pride leads to a fall but he who is humble shall be exalted. The syndrome of “I know it all” or  “I’m the most qualified candidate” should give way for collectivism. That is not to suggest that merit should be sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity. Let the people collectively decide on the candidate to represent them through a free , fair, credible and transparent process. Any leader that is the product of the will of the people will certainly succeed. Hence, we need to work against imposition of candidates.

,7. Our numerical strength and education should count in the scheme of things in the state. Our people must realize the power of lobby during political dispensation. Other Aboriginal ethnic groups in the state have been looking up to Eggon people to take the lead. Hitherto we have not lived up to expectations because of our lack of unity to present a consensus candidate. But, alas we are again presented with another golden opportunity comes 2023. We can’t afford to betray their confidence and trust.

8. Respect for elders and constituted authority in Eggon land. The Eggon politicians should have faith in our Royal fathers who are the custodians of culture and tradition. HRH, the Aren Eggon should be the first point of contact for Royal blessings for those wishing to contest the governorship election. Other Royal fathers may support you but the blessings come from Aren Eggon.

9. Above all let’s pray. Prayers can dismantle all cosmic and evil powers working against our people. And as we pray let’s have faith that with God all things are possible.

Everyday I live in the embodiment of a dream for a Great Eggon Nation. I have seen it and is already emerging. The coast is getting clearer. Let’s not despair but keep on moving and in no distant time we shall reach the promised Land.

Long live Great Eggon Nation!
Long live Nasarawa State!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

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